a cool change at Marble Bar …

Cool for Marble Bar that is. Didn’t make 40C today, so it’s definitely cooler, by nearly 10C, on one warm day last week.

The BoM people and their media accomplices were convinced the Pilbara would fry with record heat that day. I am not the only one who noticed.

How much longer will the Abbott Government allow the Bureau of Meteorology to damage itself by keeping on crying wolf about ordinary very hot spells

It’s like they were desperate to get there, with as much ballyhoo as possible. Marble Bar was once the hottest place in Australia, well Western Australia at least, until they built all those new mining camps and towns all over the Pilbara. Now this means competition for the hot spot. Marble Bar has been this hot many times, for longer too, and will have many more.

Today’s hottest, is one of those towns, Paraburdoo, with just 41C.

Last month it also reached 48C: Marble Bar to nudge 50-degree record temperature

The Age · 3 days ago

“It’s Marble Bar, its hot all the time, 44-45 degrees is run-of-the-mill.” Marble Bar set a record of 49.2 degrees in January, 1922. WA’s hottest recorded…

At least the Daily Mail said hottest for 20 years, Seas are warm off the NWest, no cyclones to cool things down yet:

 The day Australia melts: Towns warned to brace for 50-DEGREE temperatures – the hottest day on record for nearly 20 years

    • Daily Mail · 3 days ago
Marble Bar Australia

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3 Responses to a cool change at Marble Bar …

  1. That sucks they built all of that stuff. Looks like a pretty place.

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