fanatics and the Green nightmare … “The Return of Original Sin”

Journalist and science writer, Donna La Framboise has reviewed this latest volume about Green behaviour: Waking Up from the Green Nightmare

A scathing critique of anti-human environmentalism is now an affordable e-book.



I have begun reading Pascal Bruckner‘s brilliant book, The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse.

A critique of modern environmental thought, its introductory chapter is titled “The Return of Original Sin” and contains observations such as:

read it all at the top link …

The modern ‘environmental activists’ have shown that they are total fanatics on global warming, fanatical about development, and fanatical on anti-fossil fuel prospecting. Donna is right about Pascal’s book.

[…] the green movement

excels more in preventing than in proposing: it closes factories, blocks projects, forbids the construction of super-highways, airports, railway lines. It is the power that always denies.

Fanatics like this guy: U. of Arizona Professor: Climate change now ‘irreversible’ – Humans must ‘terminate industrial civilization’

Watch Video: Professor emeritus Guy McPhersona teacher of natural resources, ecology and evolutionary biology, but is also a grief counselor on the side. Prof McPherson taught and conducted research at the University of Arizona for 20 years before leaving the university in 2009.

702fb-20142b18712bpress2bcuttingFrom 1871 …

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