propping up the Gore millions …

The Al Gore, Clive Palmer circus press conference that conned the left media last week is shown for what it really was. Al Gore’s propping up his own investments in renewable energy that your super funds will be thrown at.

Bolt Editorial: How did Clive Palmer manage to fool so many warmist journalists so easily? Names named.

The videos of the shows appear here.

Update: Flashback 1985: And so it began… – Sen. Al Gore Warned Of Seven Feet Of Sea Level Rise – ‘Senator Albert Gore Jr., Democrat of Tennessee, said he would introduce legislation…’

UPDATE2: Sea level rise less than 1mm for last 125 years in Kattegatt, Europe — Nils-Axel Morner

Nils‐Axel Mörner has a new paper out (his 589th). For 60 years he has been tracking the coastlines close to him, and carefully isolated the exact part which appears to be the most stable. From that he shows that the real sea-level rise in Northern Europe is less than 1 millimeter a year since 1890. This is less that the 1.6mm trend in 182 NOAA tide gauges, and far below the estimates of the IPCC reports. […]

Yes, Al Gore is a charlatan …

PUP(Catallaxy Files)What a great line from Helen Dale – Keeping the Bastards Confused – rolled gold.


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