new paper on ‘failed temperature series’ …

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is responsible for the records of Australia’s climate and weather, and also responsible for the many adjustments and errors found by Dr Marohasy and others. In a speech in Sydney last night, Dr Marohasy and others’  new paper was released and discussed:

Jennifer MarohasyJennifer Marohasy is a scientist, author and speaker.

Dr Marohasy has a PhD from the University of Queensland, worked for twelve years as a researcher for the Queensland government (much of this time based in Madagascar and then Kenya), six years as environmental manager with the Queensland sugar industry, and then six years as a senior fellow at the Melbourne-based Institute of Public Affairs. She is currently an adjunct research fellow at Central Queensland University funded by the B. Macfie Family Foundation.

STOP PRESS: The paper ‘Modelling Australian and global temperatures: what’s wrong? Bourke and Amberley as case studies’ can now be downloaded here.

Dr Marohasy is sceptical of the consensus on anthropogenic global warming. In her opinion there is no unifying theory of climate and many drivers of climate change.

Let the gnashing of teeth and wailing begin.

Paper  by  Jennifer  Marohasy,  John  Abbot,  Ken  Stewart  and  Dennis  Jensen


January  this  year,  David  Jones,  Manager  of  Climate  Monitoring  and  Predictions
at  the  Australian  Bureau  of  Meteorology
said  on
ABC  radio  that:    “We  know  every  place  across  Australia  is  getting  hotter,  and  very  similarly  almost  every  place  on  this  planet.  So,  you  know,  we  know  it  is  getting  hotter and  we  know  it  will  continue  to  get  hotter.  It’s  a  reality,  and  something  we
will  be  living  with  for  the  rest  of  this  century.”
That  morning  the  Bureau  of  Meteorology  had  put  out  a  media  release  headed  “hottest
year  on  record”  explaining  that  in  2013
the  average  annual  temperature  for  Australia
was  1.20  degree  C  above  the  long
term  average  of  21.8  degree  C,  breaking  the
previous  record  set  in  2005  by  0.17  degree  C.
Such  reference  to
changes  in
of  a  degree  suggests
the  Bureau
has  very  accurate  temperature  records […]

Go on, read it all at the link.


Sun setting on Australia's adjusted BoM climate records

Sun setting on Australia’s adjusted BoM climate records

Fiddling with data is a global phenomena:

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