devoid of common sense … an Obama world

The world is going to hell everywhere, it’s an Obama world: Weather may seem an odd foe for the military. But for a progressive president, it’s the perfect choice.

[…] Obama can’t be accused as a warmonger because he doesn’t want the military to fight anyone—he wants the military to help people.

 (Update below, the ABC reaction, even less common sense.)

Weather isn’t a person or a country. He risks offending almost no one.

Making climate change a national security matter also helps a president to press for other statist agenda items—from pet green energy projects to adopting the right-to-protect doctrine.

Unfortunately, as an organizing principle for national security, climate makes a terrible “enemy.” It is enormously complex and unpredictable. The unpredictability of how climate change will play out on the global stage ought to dissuade any strategist from regarding it as an organizing principle around which one can practice what Freedman calls “the art of creating power.” Basing strategy on climate would be the ultimate march of folly.

Mr. Obama may well know that. The reference to climate may be just like the rest of the address: knowingly empty rhetoric. But it does lead to a conclusion devoid of complexity and unpredictability—this speech and the vapid ideas in it will soon be forgotten.

Climate Change is Obama’s biggest worry, not Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc etc. … Somebody give him some valium, or something stronger before he makes a bigger fool of himself.

It6 just gets worse every day:

BOMBSHELL! Obama Administration Heard Terrorists Using State Dept. Phones During Benghazi Attacks (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 8:23 PM

Nearly two years after the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi and now we find out the Obama administration heard terrorists using US State Department phones the night of the attack.
benghazi terrorists
Obama officials knew the terrorists were using State Department phones the night of the Benghazi attacks.

MenRec reported: read it all

More: Iraqis Flee Mosul – SWIM TIGRIS RIVER to Escape Al-Qaeda (Video)

SHOCK VIDEO➙ Former VA Worker: Patients Were Found With MAGGOTS IN THEIR NOSE

Go on, it must be caused by climate change.

Terrific! Al-Qaeda Terrorists Capture Fleet of US Humvees Given to Iraq

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 3:28 PM

Another stellar moment in Barack Obama foreign polic—
The Taliban is shooting at US helicopters in Afghanistan with US Stinger missiles.

And, now Al-Qaeda in Iraq has captured a fleet of US humvees in the Mosul.
iraq humvee US al qaeda
An Al-Qaeda fighter stands with captured humvees near Mosul.

Via Jawa Report:

Al-Qaeda raised its Islamic flag over the watchtowers in Mosul.


The kids posed on top of the captured US humvees, too.
kids hummer iraqThen, the ABC of course see things a whole lot differently tro most people: MINDLESS SLOGAN URGED

Tim Blair Thursday, June 12, 2014 (4:12pm)

The ABC’s Jonathan Green offers advice to the US president ahead of his meeting with Tony Abbott:

Barack, you might like to try this as an opening gambit: “Tony, there are no jobs on a dead planet.” It might help break the ice, it might not. It’s entirely possible that our PM might just blink uncomprehendingly at first mention, but as with any decent slogan, repetition is the key, so keep nagging away, again and again until you think the thing is so worn with use that it might fall apart at the softest touch. Then say it again.

Your taxes paid for this.

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