Western Australia’s capital city, Perth …

Tim Blair, while stranded, almost buried in ice, reviews the NYT search for the anti-Gore metropolis, Flannery’s first Ghost City, Perth.

Tim Flannery once predicted that Perth might become “the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis”. Instead, the city faces something even worse:

The capital of Western Australia, where some 1.8 of the state’s two million residents live, left this New Yorker mesmerized: Could a city really be so easy, breezy, green and pristine — so positively livable? I’d thought Williamsburg was hipster heaven; it pales beside Perth.

Destroy it. Immediately.

‘The local lefty scribes see Perth a lot differently, but what’s not to like about Perth from a surprised New York visitor.

I ate a divine organic breakfast at the hotel — eggs and smoked salmon on homemade rye, accompanied by portobello mushrooms and what tasted like the freshest coffee ever ground. Australian coffee culture is serious, doctrinal business, complete with lexicon: Know thy “long black” from thy “flat white.”

Every day of my 13-day stay was sunny, and I mean not-a-cloud-in-the-sky sunny, almost synthetically sunny. […]

My own South Perth coffee from a recent visit:perth 005The Perth skyline. Fortunately, I am not restricted from space for pics like the NYT is. Read their piece, it’s not what Flannery imagined at all, but read likes a fantastic travel brochure from the WA Tourism people.

Click to enlarge:perth 014 perth 009 perth 121 perth 122 perth 044 perth 071perth 082 perth 087perth 049

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