the media, who were some of those rescued from pack ice …

Now the fun should really start, holding the media to account. Andrew Luck-Baker is a BBC radio producer, and blogger for Minority Report blog,  and, surprise, a conservative blog. He has gone rather quiet since stuck in ice.  Andrew Luck-Baker | The Minority Report Blog

VIDEO: Antarctic Expedition Ship Trapped In Sea Ice

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition came to a halt on Dec. 24 when the vessel became trapped in heavy Antarctic ice. Thanks…

Here is another from the same blog:

We must find #Manbearpig I am serial

ROFLMAO. It is so much fun mocking the people searching for #Manbearpig that get stuck in ice.

Pictured here with Alok Jha, Science correspondent with the Guardian. News about Alok Jha

Also on board was Guardian documentary maker: Guardian: Laurence Topham | The Guardian

Laurence Topham is a documentary maker for the Guardian. He has filmed extensively in the US, Africa and Europe. He previously worked as an editor for Current TV and … The Guardian’s Reporting On The Akademik Shokalskiy Is Selective, Biased And Hilarious

Then there are journalists aboard the rescuing icebreaker, which will provide such a great opportunity for interviews: Ice-breaker called in for Antarctic rescue mission​icebreaker-called-in-for-antarctic-rescue

Nicky Phillips and Colin Cosier‘s Christmas day in Antarctica changed from a planned flight to a deep field camp into a rescue voyage in the sea ice. … Fairfax They now are in a great position to report the truth, if they so decide.

Freelance photographer Andrew Peacock, Aurora photos, was there too:

Helipad mareked with chocolate powder for evacuation of passengers from Akademik Shokalskiy.

Homemade Helipad

Photograph by Andrew Peacock, Aurora Photos

As for CNN, I am not sure if they are on board, but they are reporting: U.S. Coast Guard hopes to break ice surrounding ships off … CNN’s Jethro Mullen and Susanna Capelouto contributed to this report.

We may fare better with news from the Chinese: A reporter for China’s official Xinhua News Agency who is aboard the Snow Dragon, Zhang Jiansong, said an iceberg appeared over Thursday night and blocked the ship’s return route.

Photos have also been supplied to AP by an expeditioner: AP Photo/Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Jessica Fitzpatrick

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