black sunday(s) …

The warmies are out in force, blaming the tragic fires ongoing in the Blue Mountains on ‘global warming’. They forget there is a historical record of previous disasters, some as early as mid September. Miracles not much help in a disaster (h/t Rod)

Today there are thousands more homes and businesses in the ‘line of fire’, than in the distant past, when low CO2 levels were much lower.

Recycled ‘Krap’: Dear ABC. About your “science” presenter, warming alarmist Dr Karl. Are you really so sure of his judgment?

(Update, PM Tony Abbott out all night fighting fires, backburning with his brigade.)

Blame lies at the hands of those who prevented a fuel load reduction. Media report unprecedented conditions. Really?:

Bushfires In Blue Mountains [coming soon]
Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners’ Advocate (NSW : 1876 – 1954) Monday 29 September 1952 p 1 Article
Bushfires Bushifiires In Blue Mountains KATOOMBA, Sunday-Fire-fighters f’ were busy in the Blue Mountains to-day with outbreaks in min Megalong Valley andi at Mount Victoria. Llackleath and Leura. No homes were damaged. but several were threatened. A fire burning fiercely on a half mile … 
The Gundagai Independent (NSW : 1928), Monday 8 October 1928, page 2

National Library of Australia

September 1895:

Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 – 1899), Friday 20 September 1895, page 3

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Friday 13 September 1946, page 1

National Library of Australi

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  1. rogerthesurf says:

    AGW might be deservedly on its knees but it is but a smoke screen.

    The real danger is Agenda 21 which wants to institute all the things that AGW threatened us with and more. The only thing is that its more subtle – it is creeping into our society as we speak.

    In my country it is in our legislation, local government and education.
    Take a look at my blog which shows how our government has very kindly used the devastating earthquakes which hit my city as an excuse to dispossess people of their homes and property in order to build an Agenda21 compliant city where our proud city once stood.

    But its not just my country, its world wide! Try searching your local government’s website for the words “Agenda 21″ and “ICLEI” and tell me I’m not wrong.

    Please feel welcome to leave a message



    • Tom Harley says:

      I have heard of Agenda 21, but not taken much notice!

      • rogerthesurf says:

        Tom, I really suggest you check it out. The Agenda 21 document is simply a fluffy “policy” document. But if you search the web you will find many implementation documents which are what really matter.
        There are some on my site, please check the earlier post at if you haven’t already done so. Already the High Court has found the government acted illegally in a lot of this and the appeal will be heard next week. We have cases of undamaged residential properties worth $400,000 or more being compulsorily “purchased” by the government for about $80,000 (Half of the land valuation) already and God only knows what is happening in the CBD where properties, (some perfectly sound), are also being compulsorily purchased for demolition at Post Earthquake valuations, which is absolutely peanuts.
        See why you need to check out your city before this happens to you?



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