election fall out … Green crash

The final wash-up in the Federal Election where Tony Abbott became the new prime Minister was a disaster for the Greens and Labor. In the seat of Durack, the largest in Australia, the Green vote was just 4729 votes, about 7%. Labor received 14,074, just over 20% of the vote. The Liberal Party won easily with National preferences.

What a contrast to the State election just a few short months ago in the seat of Kimberley, a small part of the Durack federal electorate, in which Labor won on Green preferences:

“Re-elected West Australian Premier Colin Barnett remains firm on the Kimberley gas project going ahead, despite the anti-hub Greens making it a close contest in the seat.

With 52.4 per cent of the vote counted before tallying was suspended on Saturday night, the Liberals led in the Kimberley with 26.48 per cent followed by the Greens with 25.88 per cent.

It’s a huge statement by the people of Broome and the Kimberley that they don’t want the gas hub.

Labor had 21.61 per cent of the vote and Liberal coalition partners the Nationals had 20.85 per cent.

While Mr Barnett said the results so far showed Labor couldn’t take indigenous votes in the Kimberley for granted, former federal Greens leader Bob Brown said the numbers revealed a protest vote against the Liberals.

Although the seat result was still up in the air, the pro-development premier had been sent a strong message about his forceful approach to the Woodside-led project, Dr Brown said.

“It’s a huge statement by the people of Broome and the Kimberley that they don’t want the gas hub,” he said.

While Mr Barnett’s victory at Saturday’s state election was resounding, voters had signalled he had “got just about everything right” – except the gas hub, Dr Brown said.

“Very clearly, they don’t want that.”

The green vote has crashed massively since Woodside elected to pull out of the James Price Point proposed LNG development a month following the State election.

Labor, including Gillard and Rudd are still in denial.

Tony Abbott was written off by the usual suspects years ago, when he was first elected as Liberal leader: THE COMMENTARIAT ON TONY ABBOTT CIRCA NOV/DEC 2009 History Corner: How the Commentariat Misread Tony Abbott in Late 2009 – Featuring: David Uren, Guy Rundle, Alister Drysdale, Bernard Keane, Bob Hawke, David Marr, Milanda Rout, Rod Cameron, Laura Tingle, Bruce Hawker, Malcolm Mackerras, Fran Kelly, Michelle Grattan, Robert Manne, Judith Brett, Martin O’Shannessy, Antony Green, Brian Costar & Mark Westfield

Update, at Quadrant: Delusions blossom in the ashes of Labor’s defeat

Rudolf Vyborny
Labor’s sacred delusions

Rudd & Co persuaded themselves that lies, spin, smears and broken promises represented a coherent philosophy of government. The voting public were not half so easy to gull More…

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