internet losers … and abusers

The leftist rhetoric against Opposition leader Tony Abbott is nothing more than a loser’s bullying tactics, with name-calling, swearing and offensive speech in plague proportions. On this alone, I don’t want any part of a mob type campaign of vitriol and slander, so I will not vote in today’s election for that side. Labor have fallen for their own vitriol and slander here. The first exit poll suggests  many more voters  have made up there mind to throw the left out too.

Anti-Abbott banner outside Parliament House, Canberra.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Please tag your work!
Anti-Abbott banner outside Parliament House, Canberra.
Please tag your work!

Mike Carlton, one of the worst: Lies, damned lies and Australia’s future.

So, are we the people really going to elect a liar to The Lodge today? It seems we are. Every opinion poll predicts a thumping win for the Coalition. We will have a liar as our prime minister for at least the next three years.

 What do Abbott and the Taliban have in common?

The Coalition has pledged to remove natural wonders from the World Heritage List.

The name calling is an abuse that projects people’s own prejudices: which is an endemic problem the left continues to use.

I have saved a few from the last few months, but not the worst, which are truly unprintable:


A genuine oxygen thief … b1

Andrew Bolt: more than just the village idiot

I’ve never seen Andrew Bolt as anything but a village idiot. The label, first applied by Mike Carlton a couple of years ago has stuck with me. It fits Bolt, just nicely. I wonder at times if Bolt r…

They can’t help themselves, blaming Abbott on the Federal Labor decisions and Barnett’s State decisions.

It’s not just Facebook, but David Marr excels at being wrong and often abusive:

Gerard Henderson points out to David Marr one or two – or twenty – errors he makes in attacking Tony Abbott and Catholics generally.

Who is this “we” that hates Abbott?

Exposing Tony Abbott & The LNP – Memes & Stuff‘s photo.
Alex Pademelon Johnson‘s photo.
…and do not expect any Easter generosity from either of these cynical racist populist bastards or their respective parties when it comes to the treatment of refugees.
…and do not expect any Easter generosity from either of these cynical racist populist bastards or their respective parties when it comes to the treatment of refugees.
Still not many friends: Mark Lawrence and 4 other friends like Australian Labor Party.

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Yet another, blinded by ideology: Everything else having failed, Mark Kenny suggests Labor try out a new campaign theme:

Simply put, it is that Gillard is indestructible.

The election should test that. (Bolta)

Now here someone has more friends than Labor:

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Isabelle White, Liberal Candidate for Chifley
Here with Tony Abbott and John Howard to celebrate Tony’s 55th birthday.
Isabelle White, Liberal Candidate for Chifley<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Here with Tony Abbott and John Howard to celebrate Tony's 55th birthday.

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Paul Keating you rock!
2 April 2013 11:58
Please people get this out…this clown has to be stopped
Length: 6:09
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  • Jeanné Browne and 2 others like this.
  • Björn Ingelstam love that guy!
  • Mick Evans Abbott=dickhead nuff said..!
  • Elena Morton Yes, yes he does!
  • Denise Carrol sorry…Keating was the foulest mouthed bully Australian public life has ever witnessed..Why do some adore him whilst abhoring Abbott? – could it be a latent anti Catholicism attitude passed down from bigotted parents to this generation.?.don’t use RU4T as a reason..many Laborites don’t like the ‘morning after’ pill as a solution to irresponsible sexual behaviour either.
  • Kevin Smith Nothing so complicated, Denise – Abbott is clearly an unprincipled, morally bankrupt, ethically empty, policy-lacking, self-confessed liar. What’s to like?
  • Joe Galea Well said Denise, god help Australia if Julia gets back in.
  • Lyal ‘Sparra’ Thomas A Liberal Godhead said Abbott lies, changes policies at the change of the wind.
  • Tom Harley name callers are bullies and projectionists. Keating was a master at it …
  • Barry Ponchard Denise your comments about the pill, Catholicism and Keating are truely out of place. Our dear former Prime Minister is of the limp wristed mob. He likes boys! And give the bugger credit where credit is due he could certainly put people in their place …See More
  • Kevin Smith … as are Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones, Tom.
  • Tom Harley they back statements with facts kev, just like you should do
    Gordon Edwards‘s photo.
    Howard & Abbott
    Howard & Abbott

    • Kevin Smith shared Gordon Edwards‘s photo.

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      Will Kevin Rudd be likewise asked to denounce this disgusting abuse?

      Andrew Bolt July 02 2013 (3:58pm)

      Some crank carries a sexist sign at a rally against the carbon tax. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

      A restaurateur creates a sexist menu for the private amusement of his son. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

      A broadcaster at a private dinner makes a nasty crack (for which he apologises) about Julia Gillard’s father dying of shame. Journalists and Labor turn on Tony Abbott.

      Anonymous trolls post abuse on the Facebook site of a Muslim Labor MP. Journalists and Labor demand a response from Tony Abbott.

      The rank attempts to smear-by-association are offensive enough. Just as telling, though, is the hypocrisy of so many of the Left who hyperventilate over the insults of trolls when aimed at Labor, but cheer and book seats for even worse insults by prominent people when aimed at Abbott:

      STAND-UP comedian Josh Thomas has been criticised after making sexually explicit remarks about Tony Abbott’s mother.

      The TV star courted controversy after he publicly tweeted to the Opposition Leader’s official account: ”Stop the boats? I would prefer it if you stopped YO MOMMA from comin’ round my place at night for sex. #Political”.

      Thomas’ comments were yesterday broadcast to his more than 220,000 followers.

      Should Kevin Rudd apologise for creating this climate of hate?

      Should Rudd, Gillard and Labor generally denounce and distance themselves from this small sample of the vitriol hurled at Abbott and his family – and not just from the usual anonymous Internet trolls, but from ABC guests, ABC guest presenters, former Fairfax columnists and assorted others of the Left, so sure of their superior morality that they feel licensed to be more cruel and vicious than anyone they denounce:


      And then there’s the utterly vile abuse from Labor speechwriter Bob Ellis, who deserves to be sued again by Abbott as he was before.

      The hypocrisy is as sickening as the hatred.


      The hypocrisy of the Left…

      The ABC says it is deciding whether to allow Piers Akerman to return as an Insiders’ panelist after he (correctly) noted Canberra press gallery journalists had some time ago discussed false rumors about the sexuality of Julia Gillard’s boyfriend.

      But it is happy to keep employing as an on-screen book reviewer Marieke Hardy, who wrote one of the above tweets and published something far more evil:

      Marieke Hardy… is hired by the ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club as an expert in literary culture.

      That alone tells us so much about the parallel decline of both our branch of that culture and the ABC itself. Here, for instance, is Hardy’s tweet on the Opposition Leader at his campaign launch:

      “The most conservative instinct of all – the instinct to have a family’. Tony Abbott, I hope your cock drops off and falls down a plughole.

      This now passes for sophisticated discourse among our fashionably educated barbarians. And so do these readers comments on her blog which Hardy to this day has refused to remove, despite being repeatedly reminded she should do so (the deletion of expletives is mine):

      Lawrie said…
      You mean you were within 5 metres of [then Opposition Leader Brendan] Nelson and you didn’t glass the c..t?You dropped the ball Fits…

      Margi said…
      I agree with Lawrie. You should have “glassed the c..t” Nelson. You should have taken a piece of glass and torn his face to shreds, only leaving trails of bloody skin dripping from his ugly face and then you should have glassed his ass and balls so much, you castrate him so he could never procreate with his wife. Furthermore, glass the c..t wife and their children, while you’re at it, because they don’t deserve to procreate and have any children themselves, those blood-sucking Liberal c..ts!


      The hypocrisy. And with it the viciousness – endorsed by the political party which caters most to a tribalism which strips the “enemy” of their humanity:

      When Howard was PM, Lindsay McDougall, of the band Frenzal Rhomb, got musicians to contribute to Rock Against Howard, a CD that included tracks such as John Howard is a Filthy Slut and Gun Him Down.

      H-Block 101 sung this advice on handling such politicians:

      F…ing c…, here’s a stunt.Kick him ‘til he’s dead.

      Now guess who endorsed this muck?

      Answer: Labor’s national president and a former premier, Carmen Lawrence, sent McDougall a warm note, declaring “It’s time to put an end to (Howard’s) regime of fear.” Greens leader Bob Brown also blessed the project, telling these barbarians how “mean, nasty and repressive” Howard was instead.

      Even Peter Garrett, now Education Minister, said the CD was a “good idea”.

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