Ministers and flying pigs … disgraceful

Someone in the Immigration Department needs to be sacked. Whose decision was this? You, Minister Burke? Michael Smith: Arseholes.

Just like your failures as Agriculture Minister, then Minister for the Environment, your hypocritical stance about serving under KRudd, too. (ALEXANDRA KIRK: But you’re on the record accusing Mr Rudd of orchestrating a stealth and undermining campaign. You also said that the stories were around of the chaos, the temperament, the inability to have decisions made, that they were not stories. How can you now swear allegiance to Mr Rudd?)

Yet you let these guys in? You call them refugees? Pigs-a***. With a welcome pack too.

Jean Goldblatt is an unacceptable burden to Australia and must go back to where she came from.


Roid boy 2
Roid boy 3
Young benji

Shaz Chrissie 1
Shaz chrissie 2
Shaz chrissie 3
Shaz chrissie 4

And thanks for burying the truth about Ms Gillard who had much more time to appoint judges, make laws and generally stuff up the country than she should have.

My work here is done

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