Rudd pays for failure … millions more to BoM

It seems Kevin Rudd and Labor pay for failure, Rudd announces BOM funding boost

Rudd announces BOM funding boost

Flood waters

PM Kevin Rudd has announced the establishment of a new National Centre for Extreme Weather. Source: AAP

A NEW National Centre for Extreme Weather to help Australia respond better to natural disasters will be established if the Rudd government is re-elected.

The centre would be part of a $58.5 million plan to improve the Bureau of Meteorology’s ability to inform and warn Australians before and during severe weather, such as cyclones and bushfires.

The Centre will implement a next-generation flood forecasting system similar to that used in the United Kingdom and United States, and develop and build an advanced storm tide prediction system.

“We need to be in a better position to respond to these events to ensure people can make decisions to protect their lives, their homes as well as community infrastructure,” Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in a joint statement with Environment Minister Mark Butler on Wednesday.

“Our investment of $3.7 million in vital infrastructure repairs this year and increasing frontline forecasters, including 42 meteorologists and 23 hydrologists, will mean better outcomes through improved emergency planning, response strategies and management systems.”

This is despite the financial mess they already have:

Penny Wong the $106bn woman
JANET ALBRECHTSEN EVEN her affable character cannot hide the mess

It wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t got it so wrong for so long. Adding more now is likely to make forecasting worse. Fortunately Rudd wont be the person in charge after 1 more month.

The BoM seem to be experts in making predictions that turn out exactly wrong.
Read more of my critiques of BoM poor performance.

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