satellites, supersticks, bring down the house of cards …

This week brings two lots of data that totally demolish the climate change agenda. Data always trumps models. The models have failed to predict the current state of the climate. In fact, they get it so wrong, you wonder how and why the heck they didn’t see it. Many of us saw this a decade or more ago. You only needed the ability to understand graphs.

Oh, now I see, religion and religious ideologues from the Church of Global Warming specially selected the science and models, now the real data brings it all crashing down. Along with their media and political apostles.

Australia’s Angry Hot Summer was hot angry hype– satellites show it was average

Lewis and Karoly 2013:  climate change is “likely” to blame for the hottest angry summer.

Did your air-conditioner make Australia the hottest angry summer ever? Could be. If we apply mystery-black-box-techniques to data from a few sparse thermometers averaged over thousands of square kilometers we can find a “record”. If we compare that “record” to  models that are known to be wrong, voila — then the coal fired power stations heated more than just your home, they heated the whole country.

On the other hand, if we use thousands of measurements from satellites that criss cross the nation day and night covering every corner of the land, we didn’t have a hot angry summer, we had a normal one. The Lewis and Karoly study is moot. If we caused a normal summer, is that so bad?

The not-angry-summer is visible with no statistical analysis.

According to UAH satellite measurements summer in early 2013 was not a record. Not even close.

Satellite records only go back to 1979, but to answer the question “was this the hottest ever summer” we only need records back as far as 2010.

The peer reviewed, comprehensive, Lewis and Karoly paper does not contain the words “satellite”,  or “UAH”. Lewis and Karoly apparently do not know about the UAH satellite program yet, otherwise they surely would have emailed John Christy or Roy Spencer (as we did) to ask for the data. We can only hope that they get enough government support, more funding, and better education in future so that they may discover what unpaid volunteers figured out on the Internet for free 3 months ago. Frankly it is shameful that the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science is not connected to the world wide web and has not trained staff to use “google”.

How good are those surface records? Keep reading  →

Shame on them! Then the final crash, where one tree, and only one, caused the infamous hockey sticks that have been flogged for the last decade by the warmist congregation. Geologist, Mathematician and Blogger Steven McIntyre brought the house of cards down, almost single-handed.

Hey Ya! (mal) McIntyre was right – CRU Abandons one tree Yamal Superstick


graphic by Jo Nova

This must be personally satisfying for Steve McIntyre, though I doubt the folks at RealClimate will have the integrity to acknowledge that he was right, and they were wrong.

It seems that in the latest publication from CRU’s Keith Briffa, they decided to leave out those elements (The most influential tree in the world) Steve identified that led to the Yamal Superstick.

Have a look at this remarkable graph below.

Continue reading

The models were not even able to hindcast the past in the final washup. Some other facts, today there is more Antarctic ice than any previous record since measurements were taken, there is more Arctic ice than the past decade and a few periods during the last Century.

Steven Goddard: The summer of 2013 is blowing away all cold records north of 80N

ScreenHunter_461 Jun. 29 17.10

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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  1. This analysis of the causes of the record 2013 Australian summer is one of the fastest ever performed worldwide for a significant climate event. This fast-response analysis was made possible because data from many existing climate models and observations were made available through Centre of Excellence collaborations with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Bureau of Meteorology and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). “The new data resource means scientists are able to work on understanding and addressing the problems of extreme climate events sooner,” Karoly said.

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