boxes of documents … when S&G said there were none

The case against Australia’s sitting Prime minister goes up a notch. The fraud squad raid Slater and Gordon and remove files related to Comrade Gillard’s time as a partner there when the AWU fraud took place.

Police seize files on AWU
Hedley Thomas POLICE from the Victorian Fraud Squad have seized legal documents from Slater & Gordon as part of an ongoing probe into the AWU slush fund scandal.

What strikes me with this snippet on their (The Australian) website e-mailer, is that Gillard is not named. The first paragraph of the article did name her. The rest of the mainstream media has not reported on it yet.

POLICE from the Victorian Fraud Squad have seized boxes of legal documents from Julia Gillard’s former employer, Slater & Gordon lawyers, as part of an ongoing probe into the AWU slush fund scandal.[…]

Michael Smith News has been onto this story from the beginning:

Victoria Police are investigating a complaint against Julia Gillard. Police have raided her former employer and seized documents. Join the dots.

Whose judgement do you believe?   This will come down to the documents, the story they tell, the word of dozens of witnesses – or what Julia Gillard says.   Make your mind up.

Here’s Hedley Thomas’s report and the story published today in the journal of record The Australian about the Victoria Police TASKFORCE investigating Wilson, Blewitt and Gillard. […]

This is unprecedented in Australia’s history. The fraud squad investigating a Prime Minister. It is reflected in the latest opinion polls, despite attempts by sections of the media and especially the ABC to not report any unfavourable news about Gillard’s past.

Slater and Gordon lawyers had also previously advised Blewett’s lawyers that there were no documents left as ‘the files went missing’. Sure. […] Keep in mind this prominent article in The Australian concerning the police investigation, published just the day before.

But there was no urgency.   We’ll look at it when we can but we’re busy.   The files were there, but not now, who knows.   I’ll be back soon with the rest of the Arnold Bloch Leibler letter.

The end is near.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Mark Graham/Bloomberg

Julia Gillard, Australia’s prime minister, has lost “significant support” among the Labor caucus with Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd being considered the alternative prime minister, the ABC reported on its website June 9, without saying where it got the information.

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