Professor Allen … “it’s a con”

The real scientists are not in any doubt, global warming is a long lasting scam: Past The Tipping Point

AT last a Scientist, Professor Myles Allen, Oxford University’s professor of geosystems science and head of its Climate Research Network, says what a lot of people have been saying for years. He says global warming has been one long con and billions wasted.

Even Europe has come to its senses and is about to change its policies on global warming – all in an effort to bring down the cost of energy bills.

Germany is to build power stations that will burn coal. But not Britain, which will still add £100 to people’s bills by way of green taxes.

The only people who seem to be benefiting from the global warming con are those who advocate building wind turbines and wind farms that blight our countryside.

Scientist agrees global warming is a con trick | This is Nottingham

Bob Tisdale too, does a major fact check of the Science, reporting in an open letter to The Royal Meteorological Society, that Climate ‘Scientist’ Trenberth has got it wrong in his recent article on the topic.

7b073-screenshot2013-06-01at8-34-59amUPDATE: Bolt reports …

Models broken, warming paused. Warmists should say sorry

Andrew Bolt June 05 2013 (9:55am)


The warmists’ models seem to have wildly exaggerated the warming threat:

Courtesy of John Christy, a comparison between 73 CMIP5 models (archived at the KNMI Climate Explorer website) and observations for the tropical bulk tropospheric temperature (aka “MT”) since 1979…

Now, in what universe do the above results not represent an epic failure for the models? I continue to suspect that the main source of disagreement is that the models’ positive feedbacks are too strong…and possibly of even the wrong sign.

And, of course, the world still fails to warm as we were told it must:


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