“Gillard’s involvement in long term fraud” …

The Law firm, Slater and Gordon and it’s partners and former partners, are in just as much strife as their former partner, Comrade Gillard. Michael Smith has researched every bit of the ‘alleged’ fraud committed by Wilson and Blewett, which could not have gone on without the firms’ assistance, all be it unknowingly, and Gillard’s help in covering the details up.

Where they failed criminally, was in not disclosing the existence of the account which was used for money laundering, to the police, or even the Australian Workers Union, who would normally be the owner of such funds. Last week’s work on The AWU Scandal made huge breakthroughs – similar plan for next week

I really want to thank you all for your insights given so freely last week. The AWU Scandal is a complex series of related frauds, forgeries and thefts involving sham entities and financial transactions and records.  Last week showed me how much time and effort it took to refine my own understanding on just one of the “events”.   There are 4 years involving various events that Victoria Police investigators have to get their heads around, map it out, take statements, seize exhibits etc.   Big job and they are going well.


Peter Gordon’s statement is here.

I’ve just been reading it again and more stuff jumps out at me as the puzzle pieces together. […]

Make sure to read it all, Smith sets the case out very well, being a former ‘copper’ and journo.

From perthnow.com

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