plagiarist-in-chief … Dr. Michael Mann

Serious charges of plagiarism against paleontologist Michael Mann are discussed here in detail. Willis Eschenbach details it all: Dr. Michael Mann, Smooth Operator

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

People sometimes ask why I don’t publish in the so-called scientific journals. Here’s a little story about that. Back in 2004, Michael Mann wrote a mathematically naive piece about how to smooth the ends of time series. It was called “On smoothing potentially non-stationary climate time series“, and it was published in Geophysical Research Letters in April of 2004. When I read it, I couldn’t believe how bad it was. Here is his figure illustrating the problem: […]

Read it all, including blog peer review comments.

The ‘Auditor’ also added a comment worth repeating:

Steve McIntyre says:

Willis, a couple of days after the release of Mann’s smoothing article, UC observed that there was an error in Mann’s published algorithm, which was reported at CA here.

Within hours, Mann plagiarized UC. He changed the code (supposedly for the article) to implement UC’s changes without any credit or acknowledgement. Only one of a number of similar plagiarism incidents involving Mann.

Mann’s recent Facebook diatribe responding to criticism of his misleading use of obsolete data, included a curious paragraph that appears to be a preemptive defence against his apparent plagiarism of material from Hansen et al. I was thinking of writing a post on the curious outburst but have been otherwise occupied.

Another of Mann’s protagonists, Dr.Tim Ball’s made a comment which roused Mann into legal action, now achieves another dimension. Paraphrasing, he joked Mann should be in the ‘State Pen, not at Penn State’. Let’s see what Mann has to say now.

Mark Steyn has also said to Mann “see you in court”.

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