Lew paper … flushed

Time for action at the UWA. New Lew paper comes out, withdrawn from site soon after due to sex, lies and videotape. Well, the second one anyway. It’s still scandalous what they did or didn’t do! Lewandowsky, Cook claim 78,000 skeptics could see conspiracy survey at Cooks site where there is no link.

[…] How 78,000 equals zero

Lewandowsky et al go out on a limb to say skeptics may have made 78,000 visits that month: […]

Conspiracy questionnaire fail. Jonova has it covered at the link above, and Climate Audit kills it once and for all with additional help from comments: Lewandowsky Doubles Down

Mar 28, 2013 – 12:05 PM

Last fall, Geoff Chambers and Barry Woods established beyond a shadow of a doubt that no blog post linking to the Lewandowsky survey had ever been published at the Skeptical Science (SKS) blog. Chambers reasonably suggested at the time that the authors correct the claim in the article to reflect the lack of any link at the SKS blog. I reviewed the then available information on this incident in September 2012 here.

Since then, information obtained through FOI has shown that responses by both Lewandowsky and Cook to questions from Chambers and Woods were untrue. Actually, “untrue” does not really do justice to the measure of untruthfulness, as the FOI correspondence shows that the untruthful answers were given deliberately and intentionally. Chambers, in a post entitled Lewandowsky the Liar, minced no words in calling Lewandowsky “a liar, a fool, a charlatan and a fraud.”

Even though the untruthfulness of Lewandowsky and Cook’s stories had been clearly demonstrated by Geoff Chambers in a series of blog articles (e.g. here), in the published version of the Hoax paper, instead of correcting prior untrue claims about SKS, Lewandowsky doubled down, repeating and substantially amplifying the untrue claim. Read More »

They are all onto it. Disconnected non-science at WUWT , Retraction Watch writes: Continue reading →

Pictured, University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall:

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