big stacking … bigger sackings

Comrade Gillard announced the election for September 14th. That makes this a ‘caretaker’ government. The expected incoming Coalition will now be able to have a field day with sackings. Shorten has chosen to stack the Commissions with buddies from the Union movement, with just a few months of this minority swill government left to go.

This will increasingly be a target rich environment. All while calling a promised Royal Commission on the Union scandals movement. Be stacking up popcorn and fairy floss I will. Andrew Bolt says: Shorten’s big stack

The crudest and most shameful stacking of an “independent” tribunal, already led by a former ACTU official:

In the latest controversy over the appointment of ex-union officials to the Fair Work Commission, the Gillard government has appointed former ACTU secretary Jeff Lawrence and others with strong Labor links to the tribunal.

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten announced the appointments on Thursday afternoon, just ahead of the Easter break and Good Friday.

Mr Lawrence, who until a year ago was the ACTU secretary, was made a deputy president. Also appointed as a commissioner was Leigh Johns, who has a long history with Labor, and has been the chief executive of the Fair Work Building and Construction inspectorate.

The changes were among eight appointments announced by Mr Shorten.

They include two new vice presidents, Joe Catanzariti, a partner at law firm Clayton Utz, and Adam Hatcher SC, a former Labor candidate and an industrial relations barrister who has represented major unions.

Shorten should be ashamed of himself. But at least he’s gone so far that the Coalition has an excuse to reform the living daylights out of the joint.

Andrew Bolt is vindicated, Red on Red: Kelty attacks Gillard on exactly the grounds I have

Bill Kelty, the former ACTU secretary and a giant of the union movement, makes the same criticisms of Julia Gillard that I have as a supposedly “Right-wing” commentator.

To put it less diplomatically, Gillard, is disloyal, untrustworthy, incompetent, reckless, divisive, dictatorial, wasteful and lacking in vision:

The government’s problems do not stem from Rudd’s removal but the means and justification for doing it.

The result was that the electorate did not give the ALP the right to govern alone. In the process of forming government, concessions were made that had lasting significance. When a sensible policy of pricing carbon at international levels became a tax, it subverted trust in a government that promised it would not introduce such a tax…

When the mining tax was touted as a negotiating coup, somebody forgot to tell us about state royalties. These are errors of judgment and explanation…

The two most recent prime ministers have sought from caucus a special right to select their own ministers, but in both cases, the cabinet process has been allowed to be frittered away. The media reform was moderate, but the process was flawed. A jackboot approach to discussions and timing would not have been permitted if the proper process of cabinet had been followed….

A Labor Party that cultivates division, or taxes superannuation retrospectively, or cannot justify deficits, or makes regional tours presidential visitations, or reinvents class warfare, or steals the rhetoric of Pauline Hanson on migrants, or embraces the Pacific refugee solution of John Howard, or attacks single mothers and narrows its base to a mythical group of blue-collar workers, cannot win an election.

If that is what one of the great figures of the Left now says about Gillard, perhaps we conservatives deserve an apology for the vilification we received in saying it first.

Andrew Bolt March 28 2013 (12:04pm)

Politics – deceits and stuff ups

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