ker-bubble soon ka-boom …

Beyond belief is how I would describe this Labor Government. The next ‘ker-bubble’, which they have been warned about is happening now, courtesy of Communication failure Minister Conroy:

NBN could double in cost and take 10 years more

This should make you feel sick. The $37 billion the Gillard Government has bet on the NBN could soon seem small change:

The $37 billion National Broadband Network could be delayed by up to 10 years, according to a senior Melbourne academic.

Andrew Bolt March 23 2013 (1:55pm)

They should’a stuck with copper and wireless. Time to remove the red underpants off your head Senator. Conroy brags of ‘unfettered power’

UPDATE: Michael Smith says

The best satellite simulation application you’ll ever see from your computer. And Stephen Conroy’s folly as well.

I was privileged to be responsible for Australia’s multi-million dollar investments in the Inmarsat satellite constellations for some years from the late 1990s.

I saw the financing and operational plans for many satellite launches, and in a range of jobs I had executive responsibility for satellite earth station operations at Ningi, Queensland, Gnangara Perth and a range of other locations around the earth […]

[…] Further yet, in the deeper reaches of vacuous empty space, you might encounter Stephen Conroy.


Conroy space  boyAs you’ll see when you click on the NASA real time tracker, keep reading

Read more about men with tall building and rocket launch fascination in the comments section to this story when Mel and other learned commentators go to town.


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