Another great adventure about the ‘life of Willis’, I felt like I was there too.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The South Pacific is a marvelous place for characters, it attracts them and magnifies them the same way it magnifies all the tales and rumors. After while I developed Willis’s Rule of Rumors, which is that you need to divide all the numbers in a story about some other island by the square root of the distance to the island in miles, because rumors are a power function of distance. In the Solomon Islands, my mad friend Mike used to say he’d pay good money for anyone to bring him a good rumor about himself. What can I say, the South Pacific attracts characters, and Mike is definitely one, and the rumors about him were legion. I wrote about him before, and about the bar in the Gizo Hotel, in a post called “In Which I Talk To The Thunderstorms

gizo hotel from the waterFigure 1. The…

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