Goolarabooloo request help … from the UN


Media Release: For Immediate Release

Goolarabooloo Supports Call for UN Intervention in Kimberley

Goolarabooloo support the call by other Kimberley Traditional Owners for the United Nations to travel to the Kimberley to hear first hand how the oil and gas industry is affecting them and their country. Goolarabooloo has made repeated requests to Woodside, its joint venture partners and the state government to respect their law, culture, and Song-Cycle and not build a gas precinct at James Price Point.

In early 2012 Goolarabooloo sent an urgent appeal to the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, detailing how their rights under 15 articles of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples were being violated by both the government and resource companies.

When the Special Rapporteur comes to the Kimberley, Goolarabooloo will seek to speak to him and explain to him the danger that their country, and their rights, are facing.
Phillip Roe Goolarabooloo elder,says that, “We are supposed to have the right for free and prior informed consent, instead we get the compulsory acquisition of our land. We’re supposed to have the right to protect our law, culture and sites, but when we ask for our sites to be protected, the State Government approves their destruction. When we try to stop this destruction, we’re given move on notices from the police and told we’ll be arrested.”

Contact: Phillip Roe 0447327902

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    baby frill-neck lizard

    baby frill-neck lizard

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