dumb and dumber at Doha …

The last time at an IPCC Conference it was the demonizing of di-hydrogen oxide, now at Doha: Doha delegates, pwned

Would you wear a mask to prevent CO2 exhalation? Surprisingly, many said yes.

Guest post by Paul Driessen

With the climate talks in Doha, Qatar limping along, and support for a new treaty waning among nations in attendance, one might expect spirits to be down among the global warming faithful. But this is not the case.

Yes, nations like Canada, New Zealand, and Japan seem eager to withdraw from the process. And yes, nature has not been exactly cooperative, with 16 years of no statistically significant warming. However, delegates here at COP 18 remain steadfast in their cause and willing to do almost anything it takes to “save the earth.”

CFACT highlighted this eagerness to go to extremes by introducing a new gadget called the “sequestration of exhalation device” — a mask that would filter CO2 from a person’s breath. Conference delegates were asked if they would wear such a mask if it would filter out all the CO2 they exhale. Surprisingly, many said yes.

Here’s a video of the interviews and responses:  Continue reading →

See here too, via Climate Depot: UN Climate Summit participants duped into believing ‘CO2 Sequestration Face Masks’ lower human emissions! A ‘mask that would filter CO2 from a person’s breath’

Perhaps these were some of those dills: Healing the planet: Qatar “paid for 100 Arab climate activists to attend a demonstration and put them up in a five-star hotel”

Qatar, the richest country in the world on a per capita basis, is proving the most generous host. It has flown in and is paying around 600 students from developing country universities to work in the gigantic convention centre during the talks. It paid for 100 Arab climate activists to attend a demonstration and put them up in a five-star hotel, and it has been known quietly that money is not the problem at these talks.

Key ministers snub Doha talks

Some key climate ministers are evading planetary duty by snubbing the talks and staying at home. Indian environment minister Jayanthi Natarajan, who saved the Durban talks last year with her dramatic concessions in the last moments, says she has higher political commitments to attend including a key vote in parliament.


From Warwick Hughes, what is really going on in Qatar, which has, by the way, the worlds largest LNG Refinery: Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » Mike Haseler has a sage update on the BS that could result from Doha UN climate talks

So, even if the EU ratified immediately (is that legal?), the treaty could not come into effect until 5 other countries have ratified which is impossible in three weeks.

So, it is utter bullshit to talk about some treaty coming into force on the 31st December. It also beggars belief that the press will not figure this out. or question the point of the Doha treaty which does absolutely nothing for anyone anywhere.

And this is the reason I am writing. Unless sceptics make the point that the Doha treaty is Bullshit, the press will have no choice but to print the story as the green NGOs tell it.

It’s really up to you. It’s time the world heard the sceptic view on these talks! (my bold)


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