media fail … all frozen up

Fairfax loonies write without thinking, driven by ideological agendas and like-minded editors. Warwick Hughes uncovers their propaganda:

Stale Antarctic melting ice story from last summer suddenly goes viral on Fairfax media all over Australia

October 24th, 2012 by Warwick Hughes

“Frozen $46m runway melting” – shouts the news on dozens of Fairfax sites from newspapers in towns large and small across our wide brown land.
This is referring to the Wilkins Aerodrome which is located about 70km SE of Casey Base and is scraped out of glacier ice about 700 metres thick.
The news of melting on the runway broke last summer – over nine months ago.
Why has the story suddenly been recycled and gone viral now ?
It is snowing and minus 9.5 degrees C at Casey this morning ?
Surely it could not be anything to do with the Govt ship Aurora Australis being icebound ? (see yesterday post below) A sort of counter story.
Click below to see text of the first 12 pages of Google searches for – “australian antarctic airstrip melting”. Google was still finding the story in obscure hamlets and villages after the 12 pages. See if you can spot your town. I have never seen anything like this.
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But look what the real story they missed is: Warwick Hughes, again,

Australia’s Antarctic supply ship “RSV Aurora Australis” – icebound

Despite all modern navigation conveniences – the ice must just sneak up.

Summer in about five weeks. Checkout the ships webcams here – great pictures – they are 80 nautical miles from Casey.

September data shows Antarctica was surrounded by a record amount of ice since satellites started measuring.

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