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Was Gergis et al “Withdrawn”?

Jul 24, 2012 – 2:45 PM

On June 12, David Karoly stated of the then recently disappeared Gergis et al:

The paper has been put on hold, while an issue with the data processing and methods that we have identified is checked. The paper has not been withdrawn nor has it been retracted.

In a June 13 email to Gergis et al coauthors and Climate Audit antagonists Schmidt, Mann, Steig, Wahl (see documents obtained by Warwick Hughes here), Gergis admitted that the paper was not merely “on hold” (whatever that means), but that they had decided to “voluntarily withdraw” the paper:

we felt that we needed to voluntarily withdraw the paper in press with the journal, amend the text and add some extra supplementary material justifying our method…

this means we will need to resubmit the manuscript to peer review once again…

We contacted the journal editor on Friday June 8 to let them know…

I guess Karoly has been taking lessons on honesty in climate communications from Phil Jones.

The Auditor’s work continues to embarrass the ‘infog’ of Australia’s Climate Change Department. Three years of adjusting and cherry-picking goes by the wayside on what was going to be their day of triumph. The journal as well as the reviewers should be suitably embarrassed as well.

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