The Dreaming Left…and Labor’s ‘Grand Strategy’

Update; [Channel 7 Today Tonight Poll


Should Australia keep the carbon tax or scrap it?

  • Keep it (48)4%
  • Scrap it (1017)96%
  • Not sure (3)0%]

No, really, the tax is hated and Abbott is cruising

Andrew Bolt June 30 2012 (11:31am)

Warmist Lenore Taylor is a glass-one-drop-full kind of girl:

The (carbon) tax is still spectacularly unpopular (54 per cent of voters oppose it, according to the latest Essential poll) but households also seem to be overestimating its impact on their budgets, especially after compensation… So some people could end up being pleasantly surprised. ..

And as the tax starts, Tony Abbott is under pressure on a number of fronts, including his stance over asylum seeker laws and a brawl over allegations of conflict of interest among party office holders to be played out at this weekend’s Liberal Party conference.

The level of self delusion of our warmists is staggering. People aren’t just upset by the price rises this tax will cause and the jobs it will kill.  They are also furious at:

– being lied to.

– being made to pay an utterly useless tax that will do nothing to stop global warming

– being made to pay for an enormous global warming bureaucracy, also for zero practical good.

As for the “pressure” on Abbott.

– Pressure on his boat people policies? Are you kidding?

– Pressure over conflict of interest allegations at the Liberal Party conference? Those allegations were deep sixed on the conference’s very first day, with Abbott’s stance overwhelmingly endorsed. Besides, in a conflict between Abbott and a billionaire miner, Abbott wins.

Just weeks before the final verdict on Gillard is in

Andrew Bolt June 30 2012 (11:07am)

So if the polls do not lift in a few “weeks and months”, Labor can conclude Julia Gillard’s grand strategy has utterly failed:

Gillard has repeatedly said that when people have the ‘’lived experience’’ (of the carbon tax), they will see the alarmism of Abbott as arrant nonsense. She reaffirmed this faith yesterday. ‘’Australians are practical people, and from Sunday they’ll have a chance to judge for themselves’’, she told The Saturday Age. ‘’In the weeks and months after Sunday, Australians won’t have to listen to what politicians have been telling them – they’ll be able to look around and make up their own minds.”

So far, the “lived experience” of having being bribed by the Government isn’t making voters feel one bit better about the tax that will apply from tomorrow:

People will be reminded of the tax cuts they will get from tomorrow and the assistance that has already flowed. By late this month, 6.5 million payments worth about $1.3 billion had been made to families, pensioners, veterans, students and job seekers. The tax-free threshold increases tomorrow from $6000 to $18,200; more than 7 million people will get a tax cut – for more than 6 million of them this will be more than $300.

[I just signed over my share of the carbon compensation payment and more, to The Fred Hollow’s Foundation, to help restore sight in the world’s disadvantaged. Thanks to Juliar Gillard and the warmist dreamers...ed]

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