media help kill off the left…by not reporting opinion of the right

Or misreporting…

Recent massive election losses in Queensland and NSW, (STATES OF DECLINE) and the disastrous polls for Federal Labor have been multiplied by the efforts of the media. In particular, ABC and SBS along with the Fairfax Group. (DENSE TV) None of these organizations have conservative opinions at all, so the majority of voters defer to the Internet and/or News Ltd, where both sides of the debate are discussed. Federal Labor flawed and floored.

Some staff openly declared their opposition and bias. This obvious bias by the media, particularly on the issue of Climate will help bring the demise of the Green/Labor Government of Gillard and Brown. Nothing can now be done to change the momentum of defeat, the only thing left is the degree of loss. CLIMATE WONDERLAND

The same consequences also apply to media elsewhere such as the BBC and Guardian in the UK, where biases earlier helped the demise of the Blair/Brown Labour government. In Canada, the conservatives won despite their media strongly supporting the left. Incompetent and left-wing biased BBCMurdoch tweets hotly.

Now biases in the US where the Mainstream media act and report as though conservatism was made up of all the -isms they can come up with, leaving News Limited as the last media group that actually encourages debate. This no doubt will end up in Obama’s electoral demise in November. Rush: Liberals Can’t Defend Their Corrupt Ideas, So They Create Phony, Divisive Distractions.

Without decent reporting that covers all sides of the debate, most voters will reject those that are obvious shills for one group or another. ( #StopRush turns into #MediaMattersStopped.) They do help make peoples minds up about who to vote for, as Bligh found out last weekend. Nothing has changed, in fact most have ignored the main reason for the huge defeat…Climate Change nonsense. Abbott three, Turnbull nil on their biggest weapon. To those who had not known, Turnbull was unseated as Liberal leader by Abbott over Climate policy.

ABC logo

Indeed, Mark Scott, director of the ABC himself admitted that the ABC is there to help the government. The fact that he thought it was OK to admit that publicly tells you how far the ABC has come from any notion that it is there  to serve-the-people.

Helping the Government alright, to lose…

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to media help kill off the left…by not reporting opinion of the right

  1. will gray says:

    Just like Alarmist discredit themselves. Its gonner fall like a pack of cards, they will go done fighting like a cat, nasty.

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