credentialism and ideology…not journalism

Journalism lecturer wanted: no experience preferred

Andrew Bolt March 14 (7:53am)

Journalism lecturer Tracie Winch says credentialism – and ideology – is ruining the teaching of journalism:

One prestigious Victorian university, with a large media and communications degree course, doesn’t even stock the Herald Sun, Australia’s largest selling newspaper, in the library. But that’s just one part of the problems…

…course design and journalism teaching is sometimes driven and delivered by another group of highly qualified academics who have very little idea of why, how and what a journalist actually does, with no practical expertise in the area they are supposed to be teaching and an over-reliance on textbook theories, some of which border on the absurd…. Good lord, the last thing we would want is Professor Kafoops’ media theories and texts challenged by a hack who’d served time on Today Tonight.

Perhaps the worst crime against students, however, is that journalism courses produce graduates in their hundreds, while the media offers them jobs in their dozens.

(Subscription required. Thanks to reader Kevin.)

Must be where ABC journalists and editors were ‘schooled’: The ABC of burying mistakes.

I guess this is what you end up with. Every morning on my way to pick the crew up for work, I find myself shaking my head from side to side with amusement, frustration and, ‘your kidding’ surely. My passengers very quickly change to an indigenous station instead…phew.


Tim Blair – Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (6:26pm)

The SMH profiles Fran Kelly:

Radio is actually Kelly’s second career. She came late to journalism, at 29, and cheerily admits to having had no training, apart from volunteering at the community radio station Triple R. “What I really am is an activist,” she says.

Which explains why she’s at the ABC. Still, Fran’s late father sounds like a top bloke, as Kelly reveals:

I’d tune his radio to Radio National so that he could stay in touch with what I was doing – my sisters all did the same. But every time we’d visit he’d have the radio on something different. Then one day he told me: “Honestly, darling, I’m not interested in anything you talk about on the radio!’ ”

UPDATE. Some ABC activists aren’t supported by the broadcaster.

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  1. Tom Harley says:

    and the jobs that are offered?… ideologically selected…?

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