Sack the lot of them…

Complete list of participants attending COP17…Durban

Australians, 45 of them are listed here on pages 7,8,9 in Part 1. These people are a joke, with Climate change Minister Greg Combet at the top of the list, ready to hand over 300+ million of our hard earned cash to keep this climate change charade going…Sack the lot of them, I say.

 You might enjoy knowing that the complete list of participants attending COP17 are available on the net:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thanks to Tom Nelson

The list of US participants starts on page 52 of Part 2, and finishes on page 56. Why did we need to send so many people to South Africa, and how much is this costing?

Joking, surely?…

Qatar to host 2012 climate talks

Andrew Bolt finds a whole lot more:

The Durban global warming farce: look who’s on the gravy train

Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, November 30, 11 (10:26 am)

What a colossal gravy train is this global warming scam. How can it be derailed with so many carpet-baggers on board for the UN’s Durban conference this week:…

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