Mullers ‘BEST climate papers…”bastardize” climate ‘science’

Pre-Prints and Pre-Data

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Folks have said that I’m far too hard on Dr. Richard Muller of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST Project). So let me stick to the facts. I fear I lost all respect for the man when he broke a confidentiality agreement with Anthony Watts, not just in casual conversation, but in testimony before Congress. So there’s your first fact.


Figure 1. Actual un-retouched photo of a verified fact.

Next fact. Dr. Muller has put in motion an impressive publicity machine, including an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, to draw attention to his four new papers. He did this before the papers had been through peer review. He has been criticized by many people for doing this. I among others have wondered, why release the papers to with a big PR blitz before peer review? It made no sense to me. What is his official response to these criticisms? From the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature web site FAQ:

Why didn’t Berkeley Earth wait for peer review?…

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When the scientist becomes the news, and not the research data, (which is still in peer review), believability becomes suspect. This whole process has now been shown to be corrupted. This is especially so when you find out that there are conflicts of interest. Muller’s business is set to take advantage of carbon trading, so he has every reason to try and push a warming agenda, as this publicity now suggests.

UPDATE: More Muller fakery found out,

BREAKING: Steven McIntyre reports that “649 Berkeley stations lack information on latitude and longitude, including 145 BOGUS stations. 453 stations lack not only latitude and longitude, but even a name. Many such stations are located in the country “[Missing]“, but a large fraction are located in “United States”. Steve says: “I’m pondering how one goes about calculating spatial autocorrelation between two BOGUS stations with unknown locations.”

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