Climate science…trashes peer review

Climate science astro-science, has trashed the peer review system more than once, but this BEST episode really takes the cake.

The BEST whopper ever

I was over at Judy Curry’s place, reading her update to the Mail on Sunday story, and noticed she referenced URLs to the updated FAQs at the BEST website. I followed and was totally shocked to read this FAQ: (bold mine)

Why didn’t Berkeley Earth wait for peer review?

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Anthony Watts’ concludes, “Now BEST is telling us it is the media who refuses to hold back on reporting preprints? Give me a freaking break.

Either the Muller team is grossly incompetent at public relations, or they are playing a unbelievably stupid game of CYA after the fact due to the negative reactions they are getting to the “press before peer review” fiasco they brought on themselves.

Either way, it’s gobsmackingly unscrupulous of them to now blame the media.”

UPDATE More peer review trashing: From comments on WUWT,

It’s not like peer review works at the best of time. William Briggs discusses a peer review failure over at his blog:

“A Case Of Failed Peer Review: Dust And Death”

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