Kimberley Police Chief…or Chief Seattle, a lesson

Rowena Puertollano A traditional elder from Broome sent this.
How strong does his words reflect what is going on now in Broome and the similiarity in what he had gone through so long ago. Please listen to what this Chief is speaking of….

This film is made in Finland. You can see the beautiful scandinavian nature in many scenes. The story is based on Chief Seattle’s respond to American governm
And what a contrastto the hate speech coming from the police superintendant in Broome, out of line here:

The Kimberley District Superintendent of Police says he would support private enterprise in suing gas protesters who are causing them a financial loss. Protesters have complained that police prevented a nurse from assisting a distressed woman locked to a drill rig. Police defend the actions and say

He could learn a lot by listening to the Chief’s speech

So, does this mean I can sue Woodside for the financial loss by stopping my access to James Price Point, Manari and beyond, for my business? And get the Superintendent’s support?
Joseph Roe “Chief” or traditional owner of the area known 

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to Kimberley Police Chief…or Chief Seattle, a lesson

  1. oxes3m says:

    1. they wouldn’t win, 2: bad PR, 3: The super should probably get out of the bush for a while and re aquaint himself with his JDF, and have his officers do the same. I’d also suggest the WA Police Charter of Rights for some light reading, easy to find and on their very own wesbite, I do believe that you have the interweb in the Kimberley? Once done with that perhaps they could read and digest [as my dad used to say so annoyingly] the Aborignal Heritage Act (1972), then a over to the UN webpage for a quick perusal of the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples and have a gander at Article 25, for one. Great article Tom, thanks for sharing, and if you see the Super, direct him to the WA Police website it’s fun and educational too.

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