Woodside, corporate citizen?… Bullies, liars and vandals

Woodside again doing very dodgy research, everything biased towards their goals. Then telling lies about it.

Corporate citizen, bullcrap, this is just another excuse to try and pull the wool over their investor’s eyes, you know, the ones who were told by the Woodside chiefs that it was their wonderful community policy and all to kick Joseph Roe and all the other families, out of country that they have always been the guardians of. They lied about their supposed indigenous support, with the help from KLC, who have never supported Joseph Roe.

Twenty-three people have appeared in Broome Magistrates Court charged with obstructing police during violent scenes at a road blockade last month.

First, with move-on notices, then the riot police from Perth, 2,400 km away, arrest, and finally with corporate bulldozers.

Woodside claim most whales are outside 8 km from the shoreline and outside the 30km radius. THATS BULLSHIT when i was working on the boats off JPP for Woodside , they said only log a whale sighting if they swim across the path of the vessel within 200m, so when they swim beside the boat they dont count, one day we counted 32 whales between cable beach and JPP, they logged only 2 sighted for the day, how wrong ?

Just telling lies so the good corporate citizen can dump millions of tonnes of spoil in a whale calving ground with the material dredged from a fantastic unspoilt underwater garden.

Woodside says that most whales are outside of 8kms of the shoreline. and most outside 30kms. Maybe no one told these whales that they shouldn’t be near where Woodside started drilling core samples in their proposed port facility area near James Price Point. All of these photos were taken from the clifftop nearby. © Murranji Photography

Nick Marley bro when we sailed in this morning we saw about 7 dozen whales , they were everywhere , in close, out deep ……….everywhere

Not to be forgotten, our good corporate citizen wants to blow up world class dinosaur footprints to make way for a harbour. And lies about their importance.

James Price Point dinosaur footprints deserve national heritage listing Burke must make his decision. The Broome community are standing strong to protect JPP from the proposed gas hub. – Online Action – Have your say

This spoil will probably mess up a pearl farm nearby, a prawn fishery, and because of the big tides, all over the beaches and their own special ecosystem such as these balls made by crabs

crab balls on Cable Beach, Broome

in their thousands on beaches north of Broome.

And after this our good corporate citizen is going to bulldoze the best and last stand of rare plants and rare plant communities at Price’s Point.

Pittosporum moluccaum, a declared rare species from Price's Point, Broome

‘Shame on you Woodside’ is being echoed across the internet.

The same goes for this State Government, and those in opposition who are a little too quiet, when they should be community representatives, not corporate ‘brown-nosers’, pardon the language.

Go away Woodside, you have better alternatives, use them.

Woodside drilling crew next to rare vine forest

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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4 Responses to Woodside, corporate citizen?… Bullies, liars and vandals

  1. I’m lost for words.Even the research (whale count) is tampered with.What sort of 5star rated world do these people live in?Don’t they realise the importance of NATURE? Humans cannot keep doing this to the earth.Wake up before its all ruined.

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