carbon tax…working already…sea levels down

Australian sea-levels respond to CO2 by slowing down…

That was quick. Labor’s lunatic tax has reduced the sea-level rate of rise. Even better, it must have been retrospective to the 1960’s. The same time CO2 levels rose above 350ppm, Hansen’s optimum level.

Joanne Nova: It’s worse than we thought. The models I mean — they are more hopeless at predicting things like regional sea-level rise than we had reckoned, and we thought they were god-awful…

The thing I like about this graph is that you don’t need to be a climate scientist to see the deceleration.

Figure 2 Relative 20-y moving average water level time series (all stations). Based on monthly average water level data provided by Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (U.K.), National Tidal Centre (Australia), and Ports of Auckland Limited (New Zealand). Water levels have been normalised at January 1940 for direct comparison.

What’s possibly even more important, is that this new study made it to the front page of The Australian: More »

Not rising in Broome either.

UPDATE to commenter MattB.  Joanne Nova:
July 25th, 2011 at 11:45 am Mattb, I made no statement about “global sea levels” since this study is clearly about Australian ones. As for the study itself not comparing models and actual rises, you must be kidding, it doesn’t need to “actually compare” models and rises: What the public hears over and over is all about “the acceleration” and how it’s “worse than we thought”. All those lines come from models.

In other words, Look at the graphs

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