medical school embarrassment …

Our future doctors

Some Cats may have been following the scandal engulfing the University of Sydney Medical School and the fact that a number of students haven’t been demonstrating the correct attitude when it comes to undertaking an assignment in the compulsory Integrated Population Medicine (IPM). […]

Science is under serious threat by ‘the agenda’. Following last week’s bogus ‘chocolate’ science paper, where the media were sucked in badly, comes the revelation at the Sydney University Medical School:

[…] Let’s face it, there is plenty of student gaming going on in other courses – these group assignments, for instance, are generally not the result of equiproportionate efforts.

Here is the piece from The SMH – tres embarrassing for the Medical School.

Medical students at the University of Sydney invented patients, falsified records and even “interviewed” dead patients in a serious academic scandal which has shocked the respected medical school.

Despite proven widespread academic dishonesty in the school, the students, most of whom are now in the final year of their medical degrees, were given the chance to “reflect” on their actions and do another task if they admitted their dishonesty. The university acknowledged that three of those under investigation for misconduct graduated last year.

It is understood at least 70 students from a class of more than 200 were involved.

The university launched an audit of the students’ reports and patient details after it emerged that third-year students doing the compulsory integrated population medicine (IPM) program last year ”fabricated patients” and “falsified reports”. […]

So much is similar to ‘Climate Science’.

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climate lies … exposed

There are now so many, these few examples of phony climate science are just this weekend’s exposure: IMAGINE PAYING THIS BLOKE $180,000

That.s every year for 2/3 days a week. A great scam if you can get away with it.

Tim Blair

Just imagine:


Flannery’s solution, proposed immediately following his no-ice prediction:

Sometimes we actually cut off a leg to save the patient, and in this case, we may need to inject sulphur into the stratosphere to cool our planet. It’s going to change the colour of our sky, it’s going to change the amount of sunlight we get; but we may need to do it to buy ourselves a bit of time. Unfortunately we have foot-dragged for so long that we are now in a position where those very unpalatable remedies may have to be resorted to, even if they are dangerous.

People actually took this seriously, back in the day.

Dr Fred Singer uncovers the hype. Andrew Bolt:

Professor Fred Singer, founding director of the US Weather Satellite Service and former vice chair of the US National Advisory Committee on Oceans & Atmosphere, says there are plenty of reasons to doubt a controversial claim by the National Climate Data Center that the pause in global warming is just a result of errors in its data:

Not surprisingly, they used the surface temperature record, with its well-known problems. Not only that, but a look at the detailed NCDC evidence shows that much depends on polar temperatures — which are mostly guessed at, for lack of good observations. If one uses the (truly global) satellite data, analyzed either by UAH or by RSS, the pause is still there, starting around 2003 [see Figure; it shows a sudden step increase around 2001, not caused by GH gases].



Not only that, but the same satellite data show no warming trend from 1979 to 2000 – ignoring, of course, the exceptional super-El-Nino year of 1998. This finding is confirmed by other, independent instrumental data — and also by (non-instrumental) proxy records (from tree rings, ice cores, lake sediments)….

IPCC-4 [2007] and IPCC-5 [2013] both present claims for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) that are based mainly on reported surface warming from 1979 to 2000. In the absence of such a warming trend, the IPCC claims become invalid; there would be no human-caused greenhouse warming in the 20th century – and certainly not earlier.

It is worthwhile, therefore, to re-examine carefully the absence of warming in the last two decades of the 20th century.

The satellite results of near-zero warming trend are fully backed by radiosonde data from balloon flights — notwithstanding spurious claims by Santer et al [in Int’l J of Climatology 2008; see full discussion by Singer in Energy&Envir 2013]….

Sea-surface temperatures (SST) show only a slight warming – as do night-time marine air temperatures (NMAT), assembled by the Hadley group. Data on ocean heat content before 2000 are spotty and not very useful….

Proxy data of various types, assembled by Fredrik Ljungqvist in Sweden, and independently by NOAA scientist David Anderson, generally show no warming…

A quick word about the observed (and genuine) warming interval 1910-40. It can be seen not only in surface thermometers at weather stations, temperature records from ships, but in all published proxy records… It is generally agreed, however – including by IPCC –that this warming is of natural origin and not from GH gases.

Thus there is no evidence whatsoever of any GH warming from human-released CO2 — during the whole of the 20th century or earlier.

Nick Cater, writing in a column of The Australian:

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insane Green agenda …

Burn the forests, not the coal? Green insanity:

What green vision? US forests burned to make costly UK electricity and produce more CO2

The Green movement have come full circle …

keep reading.

The switch by Drax power station in Yorkshire to use wood instead of coal is actually increasing carbon emissions, a study claims. They are four times as…
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junk BoM …

I’m blown away. BoM weather maps are found to be junk. Made up. False. Thanks to Lance, (Via Errors in IPCC Science) who put the time into what BoM have done, to show spurious record warming. Incredible!

Daft junk maps from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Part 1 — Part2 — Part 3 — Part4 — Part 5 — Part 6.

Check them out.

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bee colony collapse … wind turbines?

Dr John Ray: This is an amusing study.  Greenies have it as an item of faith that things they don’t like — such as pesticides — are responsible for shrinking bee populations.  What if the real culprits were the Greenies’ beloved windfarms?  The research below is suggestive, though hardly conclusive:

It is a known to everyone that noise from wind turbines generates sound both heard and inaudible to humans. Sounds emitted that are not within the scope of being audible to humans, basically come in the form of vibrations. These vibrations can travel much further than audible sound and affect a vast area, several miles from the wind farm itself. Downwind, these low frequency vibrations can travel up to 50 KM from the source. […]

Wind farm destruction of the environment is now epidemic, reaching the rapidly dwindling bee population. The low frequency emissions posssibly distort honeybee’s receptors, causing a serious decline in their communications:

[…] The sad fact is this industry is only responsible for degrading our countryside with useless spinning towers. While the building and operations of the wind farms are killing millions of endangered bird species, raping pristine land and turning it into nothing more than a cluttered mess of steel and fiberglass. Turbines are destroying the natural habitat of wildlife in such areas. It seems now, that it may be responsible for the near destruction of the world’s honeybee population.

Read the whole piece.

More research is needed to effectively see if the link is real in bee colony deaths, before more of the useless statues to the Greens get built.

The Cause Of The Disappearing Bees (CCD): Wind Turbines …wind chopping up money

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lulled back to sleep …

A new paper from one of the most strident of the global warmists defies reality. Only out on a slow news day of Friday, many scientists have taken a look and made their comment on it, after stopping laughing out aloud. Josh is the first to understand what Tom Karl et al have done, attempting to deny the ‘pause’, for which warmists have already come up with 60 odd reasons for it, other than the obvious of natural weather cycles:


Friday funny – Don’t Ever Name It A Lull

Dr Fred Singer is the latest to review it here: The climate warming pause goes AWOL – or maybe not

By S. Fred Singer Oh boy! Get ready to watch yet another big fight about climate change – this time mainly among different groups of climate alarmists. Is there a “pause”? Did global climate really stop warming during the last dozen years, 18 years, or even 40 years – in spite of rising levels of… Continue reading →

Mathematician Ross McKitrick is unimpressed too. A First Look at ‘Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus’ by Karl et al., Science 4 June 2015

Guest essay by Ross McKitrick University of Guelph June 4, 2015 Background The idea that there has been a hiatus in global warming since the late 1990s comes from examination of several different data sets: HadCRUT(land surface + ocean) HadSST(ocean surface only) NCDC(land surface + ocean) GISS(land surface + ocean) RSS(lower troposphere) UAH(lower troposphere) Ocean…

Paris is beckoning, causing rent-seekers like Karl to emerge from their dark corners with what couldn’t be called real science. Manipulating figures over and over to make your desired fit is nonsense.

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safe fracking …

The US EPA, despite trying very hard to find against:


So even the Environmental Protection Agency now concedes that fracking is safe, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with the reality of unconventional oil and natural gas drilling in the U.S. But if no less than the EPA is saying this, then the political opposition doesn’t have much of a case left. . . .

EPA’s conclusion really is remarkable. The agency has yearned for an excuse to take over fracking regulation from the states, which do the job well. So if there was so much as a sliver of evidence that fracking was dangerous, the EPA would have found it. Think of this as the Obama Administration’s equivalent of the Bush Administration failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Heh. Let’s watch the contortions of the progressive science deniers now.


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tomato to super-tomato … just add CO2

Once again, the data from co2science tells the full story, more than double the crop with extra CO2. No wonder they are grown in greenhouses with added CO2:

Plant Growth Database (4 June 2015)
Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Tomato (Mamatha et al., 2014)…


Mamatha et al. (2015)

Total fruit yield at time of harvest of well watered and fertilized 30-day-old transplants grown to maturity out of doors in open-top chambers at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research in Bangalore, India

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carbon nanomaterial energy saving breakthrough …

A much more sane method of Energy Watch than Musk’s subsidized Powerwall. Glenn Reynolds

FASTER, PLEASE: Graphene Heating System Dramatically Reduces Home Energy Costs.

Graphene is, of course, a form of that nasty chemical called carbon./sarc

Photo: Xefro

Breakthroughs in energy generation using nanomaterials—like their enabling of better supercapacitors or photovoltaics—often grab the headlines. But it is in the unheralded area of energy savings that nanomaterials are perhaps making the biggest inroads.

A startup in the UK called Xefro is bridging this divide between energy generation and energy savings through its development of a heating system that the company claims marks the first time that the “wonder material” graphene has been used as a heating element. Depending on the kind of heating system currently used in a home, the company estimates that this graphene-based heating system can reduce energy costs by anywhere from 25 to 70 percent. […] Read it all

By Dexter Johnson

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off the planet …

Another one run over by the bus, with the rats scurrying for dark places. Cesar Melham shows where Labor politics under Shorten, Gillard, Wilson and Co, have gone before him. The Turc Royal Commission into Union corruption has scored a big scalp.

Stepping up the Labor gravy train with new scams, has entitled Melham to a safe Labor seat. After watching just 8 minutes of this afternoon’s sitting was enough for me. Here is Michael Smith’s reporting on the morning ‘show’.

Craft disease has inflicted Cesar. (Can’t remember a f’n thing)

  Imagine how weird it must feel to go down in the lift walk out onto the street, step out on the Pitt Street Mall and see normal people going shopping and speaking like normal people.   After 3 hours listening to Cesar you’d feel like you’d arrived from Mars.

A few years ago, Cesar Melham was the proponent of another scam, a slush fund endorsed by Comrade Gillard, a former Prime Minister.

Smithy has a great sense of the ridiculous, as befitting a retired detective.

[…] however that rumbling sound in the distance is the bus approaching for the purpose of sacrificial chucking under:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.11.34 am

Expect shortly to hear the shock and horror as surviving officials of the AWU discover the fresh and previously unavailable information about Mr Melhem’s awfulness.   Dear God – who knew?   Check the   telephone logs at the Cooma Correctional Concern for calls to Michael Williamson who is the last known person to have signed out the manual on burgling the offices of union officials who fall out of favour.   The manual advises that all documents are removed, exculpatory pages like minutes of meetings that approved expenses etc get lost and low level chits like a credit card voucher for a night in a New York hotel get retained and leaked (minus approval dockets).

Difficulties in this doctrine arise when expenses like those charged to the AWU by Big Bill (let’s say private defo payouts for buggering up the racing industry).   But anyone can see that’s just different.   Until Bill’s bus arrives. […]

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