weird marine life, Cable Beach, Broome … Pt2

Click twice for high resolution images for greatest effect … It was amazing that noone else bothered with an early start to see the weird and wonderful.

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weird marine life, at Cable Beach … Pt1

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lowest tide at Cable Beach …

Dawn this morning, with King tides, Cable Beach is a different looking environment than what most tourists see. The large, living, mud reef is fully exposed, yet few were out to see all the wonderful and weird animal and plant life. Click to enlarge:

Dawn, Cable Beach, Thursday 11/09/14

Dawn, Cable Beach, Thursday 11/09/14


The moon, still up at 6am

DSC00616 DSC00658The Cable Beach Club Resort and car park is in the distance, just an occasional beachgoer walking their dogs.

Even an occasional nude bather at this early hour, after all it’s famous as a nude beach: Continue reading

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Crab Creek environs, Roebuck Bay, Broome …

Another sunny Kimberley day …


Caroline and Babai, helping collect fruits and seeds …


Ian and Linton looking over the Bay


Broome in the distance at the right, the port on the left

Crab Creek is in the NE corner of Roebuck Bay, about 10 km from Broome, ‘as the crow flies’. Low tide shows a very different view of the mudflats compared with the Broome side of the Bay. This is in the heart of the Ramsar Wetland where hundreds of thousands of shorebirds arrive soon from the coming Siberian Winter. Click to enlarge … the next picture shows where the Crab Creek channel exits the bay at low tide.

DSC00556 DSC00557

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friendly dragon …

Another dragon getting friendly with the crew …

Another woodland dragon

Another woodland dragon

DSC00565The dragon was found while looking for Gardenia pyriformis fruit:DSC00567

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totalitarians … and the truth

The shrills and shrieking gets worse, funny how it’s just those on the left. It must be they’ve always done, except now we have the internet to decide the truth for ourselves.

First today, comes that extreme left icon: Noam Chomskey believes IPCC report foreshadows ‘likely end of the era of civilization’

Then, from under corruption investigations: UN climate chief Christiana Figueres: ‘Emissions have to be zero or near zero by the end of the 21st century’

Then Clinton, appealing to the base: Hillary Clinton calls out climate ‘deniers’

Even the Education system has ‘dumbed down': According to Cambridge University, Meat Causes Global Warming

Huffington Post wants to see senior physicists, meteorologists and geologists to re-education camps:

Climate Depot is onto them and wont let them get away with it. Oreskes is scraping the bottom of the barrel: Warmist Naomi Oreskes warns of the mass extinction of household pets

Totalitarians all.

You see, it hasn’t warmed in two decades, storms were worse over a hundred years ago, and CO2, which they blame, is essential for life. Happy 18th Birthday No Global Warming!

It does not look like a pause any more, but a peak, as the last decade now shows a cooling tendency according to satellite data:

This should worry everyone much more: New data backs ‘ice age’ prediction


NEW YORK – As the United Nations prepares for its 2014 Climate Summit in New York this month with an agenda to advance a new carbon-emissions regulatory agreement to supersede the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the Russian scientist who correctly predicted the lack of global warming over the past 19 years has gained new scientific support for his belief that Earth is in the beginning of a prolonged ice age.

A new study from Lund University in Sweden, published Aug. 17 in Nature Geoscience, has reconstructed solar activity during the last ice age, the last so-called “global maximum” extending from 20,000 to 10,000 years ago. Analysis of trace elements in ice cores in Greenland and from cave formations in China indicates the growth and melting of a thick ice sheet stretching from the Arctic to northern Germany were related to variations in the sun’s UV radiation output.

“The study shows an unexpected link between solar activity and climate change. It shows both that changes in solar activity are nothing new and that solar activity influences the climate, especially on a regional level. Understanding these processes helps us to better forecast the climate in certain regions,” said Raimund Muscheler, lecturer in quaternary geology at Lund University and co-author of the study, in a widely cited interview published by

The recently published Lund University solar research lends support to the research of Russian scientist Habibullo Abdussamatov, the head of the prestigious Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in St. Petersburg. Abdussamatov has compiled scientific data supporting the theory “sun heats earth,” refuting global warming theorists that insist greenhouse gases are the culprit in a phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming

Using data analyzing sunspot activity going back to the 19th century, Abdussamatov argues that total sun irradiance is the primary factor responsible for climate variations on Earth, citing evidence for his theory the earth is about to enter a prolonged cooling phase because sunspot activity has been in a weak “mini-max” in the current Solar Cycle 24 after hitting a “solar minimum” in 2009.

In a scientific paper published in St. Petersburg last November. Abdussamotiv predicted that “after the maximum of solar Cycle-24, from approximately 2014, we can expect the start of the next bicentennial cooling cycle with a little Ice Age in 2055 plus or minus 14 years.” He believes a global freeze “will come about regardless of whether or not industrialized countries put a cap on their greenhouse gas emissions.”

Preparing for the 2014 Climate Summit, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization has invited well-known television producers to make videos graphically demonstrating devastating global warming consequences the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, predicts will be reality before 2055. The U.N. plans to make the videos public in the buildup to the Sept. 23 climate meeting in New York City, expected to be attended by President Obama.

The New York Times reported Aug. 26 the Obama administration plans to bypass Congress by signing at the U.N. 2015 Climate Summit in Paris a U.N. carbon-emissions-control treaty designed to supplement the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which the U.S. has not ratified. It would reserves the failure of the U.N. 2009 climate meeting in Copenhagen to produce a new legally binding international climate agreement.

WND reported Tuesday that the U.N. selected from a pool of 544 candidates Kathy Jentil-Kijiner, a 25-year-old poet, journalist and climate-change activist from the Marshall Islands to keynote the 2014 Climate Summit. The U.N. hopes to duplicate the emotional impact 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani woman shot in the head by the Taliban because she dared attend school, achieved at a meeting last year to promote the U.N.’s Global Education First Initiative.

A U.N. video already released predicts Miami will be under water and Arizona will suffer a “mega-drought.” It features television weather forecasters from various countries describing climate disasters.

A lot more at Climate Depot:  Continue reading

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scraping the bottom of the ‘secret plot’ business…

No, Really scraping the bottom of the barrel of secret plots, now. Andrew Bolt asks why they haven’t got some real news about “secret plots”. The ones they missed, such as the AWU scandal, CFMEU plots, HSU crime, Labor Government leadership plots, and a whole lot more. Arranging for a lawyer? Seriously?


 Is this really the best 60 Minutes has got?:

QUEENSLAND Liberal MP Mal Brough was the mysterious “Jackie’’ who organised a lawyer for former Speaker Peter Slipper’s staffer weeks before he lodged the sexual harassment case that threatened to bring down the Gillard government.

James Ashby makes the allegations in a tell-all interview tonight on 60 Minutes which is billed as containing allegations of a “secret plot that will rock the Abbott Government”….

Getting desperate, aren’t they? Read it all …


Parliament House, Canberra

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inventing climate disaster …

The ‘usual culprits’ are fingered in this post by veteran science writer Donna La Framboise, author of “The Delinquent Teenager who was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert” , calls out climate fiction writers scaremongers.

The WMO’s Macabre Climate Fiction

Rather than persuading us with reason and logic, the World Meteorological Organization is making stuff up.

As the Reuters news service reported yesterday, the United Nations has launched a new public relations campaign. This is an attempt to call attention to yet another climate meeting, scheduled for the 23rd of this month, at the UN’s headquarters in New York.

The meeting is by invitation only. As per usual, green activist groups (aka “civil society”) have been invited, but the public will be kept out.[...]

You would think that after 2 decades of getting it wrong, Strong, Suzuki and Co would give up.

Mixed up in all of this is the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Although its name suggests a responsible, professional entity, the WMO is actually a UN body. Evidently, it is also a plaything of UN officials. One need look no further than this PR campaign for evidence of the WMO’s lack of independence and integrity. [...]

More fictional shenanigans tipped by WUWT:

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tidal salt marsh environment …

Tidal salt marshes are an interesting environment, unusual colours, plants and animals, except for wild horses. These are adjacent to Willie’s Creek, a large tidal creek about 20km north of Broome. Plant species include Samphires, Jacksonia, Mangroves, Paperbarks, salt tolerant couch grass, and sedges. Some of these images have been posted before. Click to enlarge …

057 063 077 willies creek 019 willies creek 045 willies creek 056 Continue reading

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Labor need new slogan …

The Royal Commission uncovered new lows in Union Corruption and intimidation this week, which was followed up with the arrest of George Alex, thug.

George AlexGeorge Alex

[...] The construction industry heavyweight, who is facing separate accusations in the royal commission into trade union corruption of standover tactics and kickbacks, allegedly threatened to set his “crew” and his “men” on the woman’s family if she did not repay him money he claimed he was owed.

After trying to locate him for a week, counter-terrorism police arrested Mr Alex in a hotel room at the Fraser Suites on Kent Street on Thursday, where his barrister said he was busy preparing for his upcoming appearance at the royal commission.

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