media, still making it up …

The agenda must be followed at all times, even if we have to make it up:

ABC News Cites, Than Won’t Identify, ‘Experts’ Who Link Earthquakes To Fracking

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett

ABC couldn’t identify the ‘experts’ who made the claims

What else have they made up this week?

James Delingpole is going after them in a big way this year, and offers an invitation to join him: […]

The good news for those on the sceptical side of the argument is that we won it long ago – as will become increasingly clear over the months and years.

The bad news is that there won’t be what our friend Greg Garrison likes to call on his WIBC talk radio show a “blue dress moment” where some killer scientific fact emerges that decides the issue once and for all.

That’s because the whole global warming scare isn’t really about “the science” and never was about “the science.” Always, but always, it has been about the cynical exploitation of mass crowd hysteria and about the sly manipulation by activists and crony capitalists of the political system in order to advance the cause of global governance.

None of the people involved in this scam deserve the merest scintilla of respect. They are pure scum. They have not a single redeeming quality and everything they do is worthless – as I shall not hesitate to remind them from now on.

It strikes me that in the past that I have been far too kind and generous to this bunch of parasites and tinpot tyrants. My New Year’s resolution is to take the gloves off and take the fight to the enemy.

Join me, why don’t you? It could be fun. 

Read it all.

Dr Tol starts off with a savaging of Al Gore:

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watching storms …

A very good new product from BoM, a fast, high resolution Satellite image, movie style:

High-definition satellite images

See images from Himawari-8 in the new satellite viewer

This demonstration product is most suitable for people
with fast internet connection and high data allowance.

The reflection of the sun on the ocean is quite marked in the sped up images.

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“others did it too” …

I can see parallels with Australia’s former Comrade leader to this comment about ms Clinton:

“I didn’t do it… & if I did, it wasn’t wrong… & if it was, others do it too” -HRC

Along with the same Party’s current leader and his Union buddies.

I guess that refers to this story about HRC from Foley at Instapundit:

NEW EMAIL SHOWS HILLARY EVADED NATIONAL SECURITY MEASURES: Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has a story today revealing that while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton instructed her top advisor to send potentially sensitive national security information to her via a nonsecure method […]

BOMBSHELL=> Author Claims More Clinton Assault Victims Are Going to Come Forward (Video)

been assaulted, who have been threatened by Hillary are encouraged by the courage of those three women.”


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hit and run …

The Grim Reaper Squadron, up close and personal.

F15’s low level training passes in the Welsh mountains and valleys.

The future pilots of Reapers, the killing machines that are successfully looking for ISIL to kill in the Iraqi area:

WARPLANES: RAF Reapers In Iraq

Carrier based US F18’s on patrol over the Persian Gulf. Here they are flying over the Gulf of Oman:

Posted 12/28/2015

GULF OF OMAN (Dec. 25, 2015) Aircraft assigned to Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 embarked aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) fly over the Gulf of Oman. The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group is deployed in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class J. R. Pacheco)


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trumped …

Remember the question asked of Trump, if he would run as an Independent if he failed to get the Republican nomination or back the nominee. He said, eventually, no, and he would back the nominee.

The same question was not asked of the others, but should have been.  Now that Trump is far in the lead, would the others back Trump?

Photo of Bedford

Managing Editor, Daily Caller
The GOP is a changed party

Fun times ahead!

rock star trump drudge
This shot taken at Donald Trump’s Massachusetts rally on Monday night amazed even the liberal media.

Bill Clinton, heh:

Bill Clinton at a 720-seat gym in Nashua, New Hampshire, on Monday. Happy crowd, real happy: bill scowl

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quack quack quack …

The quacks and frauds of the media are pushing their false agenda like charlatans and drug dealers. Here is a small sample at Climate Depot: Journalistic Fraud: North Pole Region Saw Similar Warm Spikes Before…OVER 70 TIMES In Last 58 Years!

Then there CBS, WaPO, HuffPo and the loons reporting on the UN follies.

CBS Hypes Earth’s ‘Chronic Fever’ in Extreme Weather Segment

I would call that self-projection, the reckless at WaPo. Now, for HuffPo:

UN: Weather-Related Disasters Occur Almost Daily

  •  Then finally we have the reality and common sense science fact checking:

Reality Check: PROF. ROGER PIELKE JR: TESTIMONY ON THE CURRENT STATE OF WEATHER EXTREMES: ‘It is misleading, and just plain incorrect, to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally’

Watch: Geologist Dr. Bob Carter: ‘It is grotesque to call CO2 a pollutant. It’s an abuse of logic, language and science’

More reality can be found at Climate Depot.

Update, more CO2 reality from co2science:

Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Interactions with Abiotic Plant Stresses (4 January 2016)
For resourceful plants — as well as people — when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And earth’s plants get going with a little help from their friends (earth’s people), who are continuously fertilizing the air with what is every plant’s favorite delicacy: atmospheric CO2

Acclimation and Adaptation of Marine Fish to Possible Warming (31 December 2015)
An intriguing study finds new evidence for the ability of juvenile anemone fish to successfully deal with potential increases in future ocean temperatures…

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Helps Plants Recover from Droughts (30 December 2015)
In addition to slowing the rate of plant water loss during drought conditions, higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2 significantly reduce, or even eliminate, metabolic limitations resulting from drought damages…


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Green hypocrisy …

After keeping silent all through the Labor years of bullying, lying, brothel creeping, stealing and all the rest of the Labor’s ethical lapses, the Greens, self-projectionist  Social Justice Warriors.

First Briggs. Now Dutton. PM Turnbull, it’s time to call out sexism and misogyny. Slaps on the wrists for ‘inappropriate behaviour’ doesn’t cut it. Sexism will only end if it is named and appropriately dealt with at a structural level.
(Image via AAP)

Lee Rhiannon's photo.

 Who could forget this from Bill Shorten, a partner of the Greens when in power? Who can forget the Albanese massage parlour affair? What about Mark Arbib and the Craig Thomson cover-up?

Then here’s the Green leader, silent through the Labor/Green partnership:

How many chances does Minister Dutton need?

After so many blunders the Prime Minister needs to find him a new home – preferably on the backbench.

Kudelka's photo.

Green politicians, Di Natale and Rhiannon suffering from Hypocrisy and self-projection, along with ‘their’ ABC colleagues.

Update, Treacher finds a similar phenomenon inflicts the US too, this time a foolish SJW was the target:

Some Woman In Indianapolis Was A Jerk On New Year’s Eve, And Now We Must Destroy Her

Update 2, Fairfax whackos and Chris Gayle at Tim Blair:

Dropped by Fairfax:

Gayle has been writing paid columns for Fairfax Media over the past month. Given the issues that have arisen over the past 48 hours, that arrangement has been terminated.

Gayle should have used language that was more Fairfax-friendly.

Dr David Archibald write in Quadrant about the PC crowd, and says that there is still hope.

There are moments when it can seem the modern world is a dreadful place and growing worse by the day, what with terrorism and a political class terrified of offending with blunt truths those who richly deserve to be offended. But there is hope, genuine hope. Make no mistake about it. […]

I jolly well hope so!


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self-projection and muckraking … with a side effect called willful amnesia

There are plenty of sites on Facebook, masters in self-projection. Here’s one: The LNP Are First Class Dickheads!

Never about the issues, but bullying and slandering anyone that disagrees are the clues. Yesterday, I uncovered this one.

Today, SBS and ABC are full of them, outraged about some minor Liberal Party indiscretions, forgetting completely about their own side of muckraking politicians.

I guess I will just keep having to expose the willful amnesia seen by their media operatives with bylines.

Terror, really:

The US terror act everyone is ignoring:

A GROUP of men in the US storm a federal government building armed to the teeth and declare a plan to occupy it for years.

Want to see terror, real terror? then go here if you dare. Or here.

Labor, with willful blindness and self projection:

Labor will insist Mal Brough resign from the frontbench even if a police investigation clears him of any wrongdoing in the Peter Slipper affair.

 Check out the comments for more.

Look, here’s another:

David Goldstein A champion of the vitriolic, nasty, ignorant, narrow-minded, pathetic, racist, sexist, bigots spewing her usual uninformed, vile, ultra-right bile.

He was talking about a rare journalist. ( OPINION: “the resignation of Jamie Briggs for breaching ministerial standards raises serious questions about the standards and the process for investigating non-compliance”, writes Jennifer Oriel.) Not one of the left as you can see. Now, a reminder from the past, a wordless case of self projection from our alternative PM, Bill Shorten.

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social justice warrior loses it …

A bit late Christine, we know all about David Marr. This is how the left operate, telling the rest of us how to behave, what we can say and do, or not do. Yet another Social Justice Warrior.

Christine Hales's photo.

Christine Hales to The People vs The Liberal Party (LNP)

If i had to guess i’d say a vast majority do indeed agree with the ever intelligent David Marr.
We are the people and politicians are answerable to us. They serve us.
If this is what the majority demand then those who represent us in parliament must ensure our voice is heard. They have a duty to make it happen.

People MUST and I emphasize MUST realize who we are. We are man. We are the creators of Parliaments, Governments, Ministers, Police Force, councils etc etc. The creator is THE BOSS. We are the boss. The created is the servant. The servant does NOT give orders to the boss. The servant cannot have a greater standing than the boss.
There can be no simpler explanation given.

(I stole this last paragraph some time ago and while i did received permission to share i have forgotten her name. Apologies). (That’s a lot of shouting …ed)

Really, pull the other one. Agree with David Marr? Joking surely. Your punctuation and grammar leaves a lot to be desired too, Christine.

Since when did Labor and the Green Left explain their transgressions. They obfuscated their responsibilities during the recent Royal Commission, blaming everyone else but themselves.  David Marr intelligent? Who knew. David Marr and the ABC refused to report on any of the criminal acts uncovered about their Union buddies during the Royal Commission. An ICAC would be different, how?

It’s David Marr that needs to fully explain himself first! More? Check this out.

David Marr completely ignores any science published by sceptical scientists and commentators.

I guess the truth hurts.

Christine’s Facebook page is a dead giveaway, David Suzuki is the header and Russell Brand is the latest post. Hey Christine, name calling is bullying, and self-projection.

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environmental hypocrisy uncovered … fossil fools

Fossil fuel’s are less damaging to the environment than renewables. What the Green movement doesn’t tell us, is where their electricity and batteries originate. It doesn’t fit the pocket-lining agenda.

Batteries use Lithium, lead, zinc and other materials. Here is a lithium mine, not unlike an open cut coal mine:

Lead and zinc mines are hazardous, as these minerals are a health hazard. Zinc is the 4th most used metal. Here is an Australian example:

Australia’s largest zinc mine west of Cairns starts closing down … × 366Search by image

The pit at Century Mine is nearing the end of its life. It produces zinc, lead and silver. The mine is owned and operated by MMG.

Then we have the rare earth metals required in turbine manufacture, which is disastrous to the environment:

Wind turbine’s disastrous environmental costs.

This is a calamity:

Wind’s ecological trail of destruction extends back to China, which supplies most of the rare earths required in the construction of wind turbines. When we in the West erect a wind turbine, reported an investigative article in the UK’s Daily Mail, we help create “a vast man-made lake of poison in northern China” that, according to locals, withers their crops and kills their animals. […]

So Greenies, what are you really worried about, this?:

Fracking in WA for gas

Fracking in WA for gas

What’s more, you can not make steel without coal. Or make aluminium with renewables except hydro power. You can not make plastics without fossil fuels. Green anti-frakkers are no more than fossil-fools.

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