climate fear and anxiety …

A highly credentialled climate study group has just demolished the warming agenda. Ideological”nudge’ factors have contributed to the failed global warming agenda. The 1940-1970 cooling scare is repeated by the warmists in the period since 1980, where temperatures returned to 1930-1940 warm levels. Unwarranted data adjustments have been used to cool this period to give a false idea of unstoppable climbing temperatures: Psychology and Climate Alarm: how fear and anxiety trump evidence.

[…] The Conclusion

 There is no evidence CO2 has determined climate in the past or that it could do so in the future. Just as there was needless alarm over the 37 year cooling from 1940 there is now unwarranted public alarm over a threat of dangerous

global warming. The next ice age remains the real global climate threat.

Australia should save the $3 billion plus spent annually supporting renewable energy programs. The heavy burden of these costs falls on taxpayers, business, and households.

No Australian post-2020 emissions reduction target could be justified which requires additional costs for consumers and/or tax payers.



Further information

The Climate Study Group:

John Chambers BCom, MBA, CA, FAICD, FFin;
Andrew Miller BBus;
Richard Morgan AM BSc (Ag), BCom, FAIAST (Convenor);
Bob Officer AM BSc (Ag), MAgEc (UNE), MBA, PhD (Chicago), FASSA, SFFin;
Mark Rayner BSc (Hons), ChemEng (UNSW), FTSE, FAusIMM, FIEA, FAICD;
Graham Sellars-Jones BCom.
Tom Quirk MSc, MA, DPhil (Oxon), SMP (Harv).

Go ahead and read it all.

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winded and shredded …

Sydney University Public Health windbagger shredded. Doctor of Arts Professor makes up submissions about health at the Senate Select Committee investigating Wind Turbines. Catallaxy readers do much of the the shredding in comments after the post.


2.21      The committee highlights the fact that Professor Chapman is not a qualified, registered nor experienced medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, acoustician, audiologist, physicist or engineer. Accordingly:

  • he has not medically assessed a single person suffering adverse health impacts from wind turbines;

  • his research work has been mainly—and perhaps solely—from an academic perspective without field studies;

  • his views have been heavily criticised by several independent medical and acoustic experts in the international community; and

  • many of his assertions do not withstand fact check analyses.

There were so many false items from “Dr” Chapman, shredding was all too easy. For example, (1 0f at least 9):

2.23      Second, Professor Chapman has argued that complaints of adverse health effects from wind turbines tend to be limited to Anglophone nations. However, the committee has received written and oral evidence from several sources directly contradicting this view. The German Medical Assembly recently submitted a motion to the executive board of the German Medical Association calling for the German government to provide the necessary funding to research adverse health effects. This would not have happened in the absence of community concern. Moreover, Dr Bruce Rapley has argued that in terms of the limited number—and concentrated nature—of wind farm complaints:

It is the reporting which is largely at fault. The fact is that people are affected by this, and the numbers are in the thousands. I only have to look at the emails that cross my desk from all over the world. I get bombarded from the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany. There are tonnes of these things out there but, because the system does not understand the problem, nor does it have a strategy, many of those complaints go unlisted.


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elevated level of lies …

Wheat growing experiments, using elevated levels of CO2 offer sensational increases in yield. New research data compliments older data in many experimental situations across many continents, putting the lie to the “carbon is pollution” rhetoric by President Obama this week, and others such as former  Australian Prime Minister Gillard in recent years.

 Plant Growth Database (6 August 2015)
Our latest result of plant growth responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichment obtained from experiments described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature is for Wheat (Tausz-Posch et al., 2015). To access the entire database, click here.

Per Capita S&M

Posted on July 1, 2012

Julia (the pasty Welsh girl) says that Australians need to be punished because their per capita CO2 emissions are high. (Unlike Mexico, which has the highest per capita methane emissions – due to Pinto Beans.)

The fact that Australia’s total CO2 emissions are relatively about the size of a gnat on a hair  on an elephant’s ass – isn’t important. It also isn’t important that her tax will have no effect on the climate. What is important is that per capita emitters are duly punished.

So I made a list of top per capita emitters of CO2.

  • Al Gore
  • Richard Branson
  • Prince Charles
  • James Cameron
  • Barack Obama – who flew to Colorado to see the damage that CO2 caused.

Packs and packs of lies: The President’s Clean Power Plan is Built Upon a Pack of Lies (3 August 2015)
Today, President Obama unveiled his administration’s latest initiative to combat climate change, the Clean Power Plan. Authored and overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency, the new program requires a national reduction in power plant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 32 percent just a mere decade and a half from now. Such a mandate, in and of itself, is a Herculean task that can be debated as to whether or not it is even possible to accomplish, as forecasts from the Administration’s own Department of Energy indicate ever more energy will be needed in the years and decades ahead — a need that is unlikely to be met without expanding the production of energy from fossil fuel combustion…

Fear-monger-in-chief, Obama: We’re all going to die if we don’t follow my ‘clean power’ plan, and anybody saying otherwise are fear mongering

(Apologies for the appropriate image)

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Packs of lies … and “the infernal” gas CO2

Obama, and all his enablers, including the media, invoke ‘The Biggest Lie of All’. Carbon is pollution! Really? Scientist: ‘The President’s Clean Power Plan is Built Upon a Pack of Lies’

It doesn’t stop there: Climate Scientists Rip Apart EPA’s Global Warming Rule

Or here. Carbon is not pollution: A co-founder of Greenpeace tells the truth on CO2 – Dr. Patrick Moore provides some surprising benefits of CO2 that you won’t hear in the current debate’

Even Obama cronies are full of **it!: Watch: Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer on Gore’s ‘extreme weather’ claims: ‘Bullsh*t!’ – John Stossel’s “Science Wars”

It’s Fairy-tales time: Obama’s $2.5 trillion plan to kill jobs, coal, make a 0.1% reduction in CO2, and cool world by zero degrees

Welcome to the fairy-land world where we try to control the weather with our electrical generation sources.

Two articles presented here by Professor Singer are essential reading, one of which concerns a global cooling future, the other on false warming agendas by the editor of Science Magazine:


Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #190

 This Week This TWTW is very brief. It focuses on two recent articles by S. Fred Singer of scientific importance: 1) Editor of Science Magazine Should Resign!; and 2) A Paradigm Change: Re-directing…

Here is a short excerpt of the first, which gives us an idea of how silly that magazine has become. Read it all at the links provided.

The 3 July 2015 issue of Science features a remarkable editorial by Editor Marcia McNutt. Titled “The beyond-two-degree inferno,” it suggests that an anthropogenic greenhouse (GH) warming of more than 2 degrees C (global average) will literally cause hell on earth, unless we can all agree to reduce emissions of the “infernal” GH-gas carbon dioxide – preferably before or at a UN-sponsored mega-confab in Paris in December. This much-hyped event, to be attended by nearly 200 national delegations and thousands of hangers-on, has even been endorsed in a papal encyclical, referred to, somewhat irreverently, as a “Pope-sicle” by my Virginia colleague Dr Charles Battig.

McNutt’s editorial claims a “global threat to food supplies, health, ecosystem services, and the general viability of the planet.” Yet none of these threats are supported by any scientific evidence — even from the usually alarmist UN-IPCC. […]

 A “Pope-sicle” of Paris-ites!



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the Gore effect meets ‘hottest ever’ …

Like a looming train wreck, the Paris alarmists (Paris-ites) tamper with the data, updating their fixes every few days. Funnily enough, the past continues to cool, while the present gets hotter. Except it’s snowing in Hobart, freezing in Melbourne: The Gore effect continues…down under.

Almost 30 years since snow was seen here on a Tasmanian Beach.

A website called NoTricksZone has a good roundup  today comparing the latest NOAA data showing supposed “records” with data from the other independent (and also more accurate) satellite data sets.  It’s just as you’d expect:

NOAA claims that the global surface temperature reached a new all-time record high with an anomaly +0.88°C – the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880!  However measurements taken by satellite Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) show that although June 2015 indeed was a warm month at +0.39°C, it was only the 4th warmest June ever, and more than 30 other earlier months have seen greater positive anomalies [in records going back to 1979]  Satellite data (revised) [also data going back to 1979] taken by the University of Alabama in Huntsville UAH show that the June 2015 temperature anomaly was +0.31°C, a warm month but not the hottest June ever as three other June months were as warm or warmer.  Moreover plots of the RSS and UAH data continue to show that global temperatures have been flat for now close to 20 years.

Even the belugas are moving closer to the equator: SPOTTED: Incredible rare sighting of white beluga whale in British waters | Nature | News | Daily Express as Greenland has gained 250 million tonnes of ice: Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

In Maine, climate change is taking a toll – Metro – The Boston Globe

Maine is having their coldest year on record.

ScreenHunter_2654 Aug. 03 13.14

Continue reading

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significant releases of CO2 has “no essential effect on the Earth’s climate” …

Carbon dioxide does not, and can not, cause global warming. This new peer reviewed paper says so:

Do Increasing Contents of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Cause Global Warming?

No, not at all!


In the Earth atmosphere, methane gradually converts into carbon dioxide which, according to the conventional anthropogenic theory of global warming, is the main driver of global climate change. The authors investigated the greenhouse effect of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere using their tested adiabatic model, which relates the global temperature of troposphere to the atmospheric pressure and solar activity. This model allows one to analyze the global temperature changes due to variations in mass and chemical composition of the atmosphere. Even significant releases of anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere do not change average parameters of the Earth’s heat regime and have no essential effect on the Earth’s climate. Thus, petroleum production and other anthropogenic activities resulting in accumulation of additional amounts of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have practically no effect on the Earth’s climate.

New paper finds increased CO2 or methane will have ‘essentially no effect’ upon global temperature or climate

Adiabatic influence the big factor

A new paper by USC Professor Emeritus of Geology, Dr. George Chilingar (with three co-authors), finds that increasing levels of the greenhouse gases CO2 & methane will have essentially no effect” upon global temperatures or climate.

The authors utilize a one-dimensional adiabatic model of climate to demonstrate that the entire tropospheric temperature profile of the atmosphere on both Earth and Venus may be mathematically derived solely on the basis of atmospheric pressure/mass and solar activity, confirmed by observations on both planets, despite vast differences in atmospheric composition and mass/pressure on Earth and Venus. The paper corroborates the 33C Maxwell/Clausius/Carnot greenhouse theory and thereby excludes the alternative 33C Arrhenius radiative greenhouse theory.


“The writers investigated the greenhouse effect using their adiabatic model, which relates the global temperature of troposphere to the atmospheric pressure and solar radiation. This model allows one to analyze the global temperature changes due to variations in mass and chemical composition of the atmosphere. Even significant releases of anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere do not change average parameters of the Earth’s heat regime and have no essential effect on the Earth’s climate warming.

Moreover, based on the adiabatic model of heat transfer, the writers showed that additional releases of CO2 and CH4 lead to cooling (and not to warming as the proponents of the conventional theory of global warming state) of the Earth’s atmosphere. The additional methane releases possess a double cooling effect: First, they intensify convection in the lower layers of troposphere; Second, the methane together with associated water vapor intercept part of the infrared solar irradiation reaching the Earth.

Thus, petroleum production and other anthropogenic activities resulting in accumulation of additional amounts of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have practically no effect on the Earth’s climate.”

Physically, an explanation of the cooling effect of the atmosphere with the high content of “greenhouse gases” is the high efficiency of the convective heat transfer from the planet’s surface to the lower stratosphere, from which this heat is rapidly dissipating into the outer space through radiation. As the greenhouse gases absorb the Earth’s heat radiation in the lower layers of troposphere, its energy transforms into the heat oscillations of the gas molecules. This, in turn, leads to expansion of the gas mixture and its rapid ascent to the stratosphere where the heat excess is lost through radiation into the outer space.

To replace these volumes of the warm air, the already cooled air descends from the upper troposphere. As a result, the global average atmospheric temperature slightly decreases. One particular consequence of it is that with an increase in the carbon dioxide and methane contents in troposphere the convective mass exchange of the atmospheric gases must substantially accelerate.

Thus, it is not out of the question that the intensification of synoptic processes in Earth troposphere (but not temperature increase) may be a result of the carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” accumulation.”

The primary equation of the paper [2] is similar to the ‘greenhouse equation’ described in a recent series of posts on the 33C Maxwell/Clausius/Carnot greenhouse theory.

The “Greenhouse Equation” calculates temperature (T) at any location from the surface to the top of the troposphere as a function of atmospheric mass/gravity/pressure and radiative forcing from the Sun only, and without any radiative forcing from greenhouse gases. Note the pressure (P) divided by 2 in the greenhouse equation is the pressure at the center of mass of the atmosphere (after density correction), where the temperature and height are equal to the equilibrium temperature with the Sun and ERL respectively.

The primary differences between Chilingar et al equation [2] and the ‘greenhouse equation’ are:

1. Chilingar et al introduce a correction for solar insolation based on the Earth’s precession angle of 23.44 degrees

2. Chilingar et al assume an Earth surface temperature of 288K or 15C, whereas the HS ‘greenhouse equation’ only assumes the equilibrium temperature of the Earth with the Sun (255K or -18C) & atmospheric mass/pressure to derive the surface temperature, as well as that of the entire troposphere, replicating the 1976 US Standard Atmosphere.

An upcoming post will join the mathematics of these two equations to explain the entire temperature profile of the atmosphere from the surface to the edge of space at 100+ km geopotential altitude, without incorporating ‘radiative forcing’ from CO2.


Continue reading

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Paris-itics 101 …

The Paris-ites are out, frothing at the mouth, we’re all gunna die! Their dishonesty is “propaganda, worthy of Dr Goebbels”. Dr John Ray nails it:

Ya gotta laugh! A one degree temperature rise in 135 years!  Panic!  No-one even noticed it until the Greenies began to froth at the mouth about it. And even that one degree embodies a prediction.  The reality is around two thirds of that.

They list what appear to be five interlocking temperature graphs.  They are interlocking indeed.  They all use the same basic terrestrial temperature readings.  They are far from independent.

How strange that the authors have omitted the much more comprehensive satellite records!  The fact that the satellite record shows NO warming might have something to do with that.  The whole article below is essentially a fraud ginned up to influence the forthcoming Paris climate conference

And the wording is really slimy. The bit that amused me most was:  “Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns already increase heat-related illnesses”.  That’s true by definition. What about illness from all causes?  It’s actually COLD that increases illness from all causes!

And there’s the old chestnut that “2014 was the hottest year since records began”.  Which records?  Certainly not the satellite record. And even if we take the terrestrial records as honestly compiled, the 2014 temperature differed from the temperatures of the last 18 years only by hundredths of one degree. So “2014 was the hottest year since records began” gives a quite false impression that the temperature rise is ongoing.  It is not.

And what about the “scientists” in the heading?  WHICH scientists?  Certainly not all scientists.  An honest heading would be “Many Scientists” but honesty is not to be expected of Warmists, of course.

I could go on but the crooks below have pulled out every trick in the book to make their case — which shows you how non-existent their case is.  It’s propaganda worthy of Dr. Goebbels:

Read this if you dare, it’s sickening: Halfway to Hell: Global Temperatures Hit Critical Point, Warn Scientists (!)

[…] Governments must arrive in Paris ready to signal their collective vision for a complete phaseout of fossil fuels in favor of a 100 percent renewable future.

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a sham or a scam? … both

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I have just begun a new site, to aid in the identification of plant species of the Kimberley and Pilbara. I have set it out on a WordPress site, to keep it as simple as possible.

One of the first entries here, Capparis spinosa s/sp nummularia sometimes called Wild Passionfruit. Images throughout enlarge when clicked.

It is a work in progress, and a lot more entries to add. Feel free to look around, and follow if you like.

This site may help people interested in growing native plants to select species from our substantial nursery near Broome.nursery 030

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the trillion dollar scam …

A fatally flawed opinion that CO2 was pollution has fuelled the biggest ever scam in history, by a very big margin.

How big? This big:

Climate Change Business Journal estimates the Climate Change Industry is a $1.5 Trillion dollar escapade, which means four billion dollars a day is spent on our quest to change the climate. That includes everything from carbon markets to carbon consulting, carbon sequestration, renewables, biofuels, green buildings and insipid cars. For comparison global retail sales online are worth around $1.5 trillion. So all the money wasted on the climate is equivalent to all the goods bought online. […]

Once the sh1t hits the fan, the repercussions are going to be even bigger!

[…] So while The Guardian worries about the dark and evil influence of the fossil fuels industry they don’t seem at all concerned about the vested-monster-in-the-kitchen, the 1.5 Trillion Climate Industry. Ditto for the intrepid souls at the ABC/BBC/CBC who think they speak truth to power, but miss the most powerful lobby in the climate debate.

By the way, you can buy the 200 page Climate Change Consulting Report for $995, or not.

Climate Change Industry Growth, graph, 2004 to 2014,


Insurance Journal

All for about 1c less of warming, or less, like 0.1C unadjusted. Read the whole piece at Jonova.

What the? It’s much bigger: The Biggest Fraud In History

Government scientists know perfectly well that global warming isn’t happening. Their best data is from satellites, which show no warming for almost twenty years.

ScreenHunter_10030 Jul. 30 09.22

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

But there is $29 billion per year being distributed by the government to perpetuate this massive fraud – so it continues.

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