Greens lose the biggest … after crying wolf for decades

Global warming creates havoc:

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Highest Since 2001
Not A Lot of People Know That

Gosh that’s terrible, but what the heck, it’s just weather …

Obviously not enough global warming, fire up the coal burners now! The Green global warmers lost big in yesterday’s election:

Greenie fail:  They spent big to get people to Vote On Global Warming Issues

Greens took to social media to convince followers to get out to the polls Tuesday with some using the hashtag #climatevoter in an attempt to make their message go viral.

Environmental groups have spent at least $85 million this election, according to the Washington Post’s Chris Mooney. Most of that money has come from one man — San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer.

Steyer’s activist group NextGen Climate Action has spent a whopping $57 million on election activities, including media blitzes, backing Democratic candidates and promoting global warming policies this cycle. Steyer’s money has made environmental groups a major funding force this election.

The League of Conservation Voters has also unleashed a torrent of funding this election cycle, spending $30 million to help keep Democrats in office and push environmental policies.

LCV dedicated $19 million in election funding to federal races, including backing Democrats in tough races. The group has even backed Democrats like Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska, who support the Keystone XL pipeline and oil and natural gas drilling.

NextGen and LCV together spent $87 million this election cycle alone. This is just the tip of the iceberg since there are other major environmental groups like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council that have also ponied up this election.

The problem all of these groups face is that voters give fighting global warming a very low priority despite maybe even agreeing that warming is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The US voters have shown considerable common sense instead … the Greens have been crying wolf for two decades now, still no warming.


The day ‘climate change’ became irrelevant in politics – Powerful Green Lobby Defeated In US Midterm Elections

Update 3, The other big loser? Hilary Clinton: HARD TO SEE THIS AS GOOD NEWS FOR HILLARY: Republicans now have every congressional seat for Arkansas for the first time in 141 years.

Yep, the Clintons are from Arkansas. (h/t instapundit)

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blind reckoning at ‘their’ ABC …

“World’s scientists reckon the climates never felt anything like them in close to a million years…”  – 4:40mins ABC News report Nov 3, 2014

Their ABC, clueless, factless, ever wrong …

Fact Checking the ABC — the Big-Myth about the “World’s Scientists”

The ABC bias is now so obvious, everyone with an open mind and an Internet connection knows that the ABC report the parts that suit, and hide the rest. They even edit the words of skeptics to produce sentences that were never actually spoken. But what I saw last night was a flagrantly wrong statement, counter to the truth, reported as if it were so above question it did not even need explanation, qualification or substantiation. It’s time to squeeze the ABC for accuracy.

One of the Big-Myths in this debate is that the opinions of “climate scientists” equals the opinion of “scientists in general”. All over Australia last night hundreds of thousands of Australians heard this statement as narration in the main news bulletin:

 …The ABC has become a naked propaganda unit for big-government. It is beyond saving. The sloppy research standards and the culture of gullibility regarding government and official press releases are endemic. Sell if off for the good of the nation. (We can pay off some big-government debt.)

The ABC seems totally unaware about reality, or weather, or anything at all really! Read it all at Jonovas, including many hilarious comments.

Exposing the Green Money Machine
Ice Age Now

Perhaps, it’s their superannuation that’s under threat?

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settled science … and “the mad Left media”


… it’s total bunkum!



[…] It’s amazing the propaganda creative warmists can cook up when given free air time from willing media!

Universities are churning out thousands of illiterate kids on marine biology grants to float aimlessly among coral reefs trying to find something wrong to enable their grants to continue and hopefully increase. What a life! Beats the hell out of getting a proper job.

To Tony Abbott’s dismay, his warmist Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt has just pulled an unexpected swifty with renewable energy targets that are about to cost taxpayers another $2.5 billion to reduce emissions that were reducing way beyond expectations anyway.

Renewable energy is a misnomer! Everything is renewable, even water, oil and coal, it’s just a matter of how long you want to hang around!

The Greens refuse to selectively log old growth trees to allow new growth, refuse to allow the damming of rivers to give us clean hydro electricity and reject nuclear energy, the only practical, economic and freely-available source of clean energy we have, and the rest of the world has embraced.

Green councils impose fines for clearing the combustible undergrowth that burns your house down and they don’t want money spent on roads because it only encourages the use of petrol. WTF?

The earth lovers killed the introduced Asian buffalo to protect barramundi breeding sites thereby denying crocodiles of their buffalo food source, leaving the crocs with nothing else to eat except the barramundi.

The Fisheries Department sets minimum sizes for fish caught, so only the larger breeding fish are taken. Madness! And the loony environmentalists insist crocodiles and sharks be permitted to eat people

Media’s Left misrepresents steam from nuclear generators as scary smoke, tells us Julia Gillard has been cleared of all charges, promotes Islam as the religion of peace and suggests Islamic State Jihadists returning home be offered free counselling.

So why the hell would anyone believe anything the mad Left media says anyway?


Pickering Post is disgusted, read it all …

h/t Greenie Watch

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“insights to climate change” …

Jim Steele writes about his journey in environmentalism , along with the video presentations of his, to “speak to the Life Members of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineers and speak about my insights to climate change as presented in my book Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism….”

It’s a similar journey by all those others, me included, that have spent thousands of hours of study to see if we got it wrong. We didn’t. Listening to the ABC waffling on as enablers of the IPCC, without actually checking FACTS, is mind destroying. Josh does reality here:

IPCC ransom note:


Let the fact checking begin: Why does the ABC employ warmist Dr Karl when he boasts about his failure to correct errors?


Dr Karl wears my criticisms with pride – and confirms them:


The howlers that the ABC science presenter proudly refuses to correct are here.

Why does the ABC continue to employ a science presenter who is not only so wrong but so determined not to correct obvious mistakes?

ABC radio poll, not the result they wanted:


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ancient horse culture …

An interesting post on the Raxa Collective about ‘rewilding’ horses. Sounds what unethical cattle station owners have done here in Australia to the Stockhorse.

Makes the research from  “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” author, Craig Downer, and others, even more important.

Rewilding With Horses

The poster for “TARPAN: Repainting An Ancient Picture” . Horsefly Films

Related to a recent post, on an interesting “what if” question that has no answers, here is a kind of answer. Thanks to Rewilding Europe for this press release:

It is the worthy result of over a year of work by Jen Miller and Sophie Dia Pegrum, two American filmmakers at Horsefly Films. It is also the second in their ongoing series of informative and beautiful films documenting and celebrating rare horse breeds and the unique, and often vanishing, cultures that surround them.

The Tarpan (Equus ferus ferus) is also known as the Eurasian wild horse. The Tarpan was a prehistoric wild horse type that ranged from Southern France and Northern Spain east to central Russia. Tarpans went extinct in wild nature between 1875 and 1890, and the last known wild mare was accidentally killed in Russia during an attempt to capture it. The last captive Tarpan died in 1909 in a Ukrainian zoo. Beginning in the 1930s, several attempts have since been initiated to re-create or bring back a look-a-like Tarpan through selective breeding with domestic races which allegedly retained much Tarpan DNA in their genome. This look-a-like Tarpan is also known as the Konik (Polish for ‘little horse’) Polski. This breed has originated from Polish tarpan re-creation projects. Konik Polski is mentioned in the study “Rewilding horses in Europe”, that was recently released by Rewilding Europe, as one the horse types which are most suitable for rewilding. In some countries – like the Netherlands – this Polish Konik has been released to nature reserves very successfully, with the beginning some thirty years ago. From there these horses have then been brought to Latvia, Bulgaria and other European countries.

The film “TARPAN: Repainting An Ancient Picture” is shot on location in Poland and Bulgaria. In September 2011, the first 12 Tarpans were brought from the Netherlands to Bulgaria by the ARK Foundation and these settled successfully in the Rhodope Mountains. Three years later, a second herd of 35 Tarpans was released in the same area, which has since been nominated as a possible new rewilding area for Rewilding Europe. This release into the wild is now followed by the release of the movie about the Tarpans.

- “Through our work filming horses, we learned there are over 600 breeds of horses around the world that are endangered and in danger of going extinct,”explain Jen and Sophie. “Most people have never heard of any of them and our vision is to create a cinematic library to educate the public and shine a light on these breeds and vanishing horse cultures in an effort to conserve and preserve them for future generations. Our motto is “The History of Man is the History of the Horse”. After beginning the series with the critically-endangered Skyrian Horse of Greece, the unsung equine partner of Olympic Gods and Alexander the Great, it brought the spectre of extinction front and center for Jen and Sophie. They happened to read a post online about the rewilding of the Tarpan into the Rhodope as part of theNew Thracian Gold project. That immediately sparked their interest and they were off and running. The result is “TARPAN: Repainting An Ancient Picture”…

Read the whole story here.

Craig Downer in the Kimberley

Craig Downer in the Kimberley

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under the waves, Roebuck Bay, Broome

The wealth of the environment surrounding Broome is astounding. It’s just that you can’t often see it. Our own impact on Roebuck Bay must remain small so these rare mammals’ ecology remains pristine.

The Australian snubfin dolphins found in Roebuck Bay near Broome ooze charisma and charm with their playful antics and smiling grins. Snubbies, as they are affectionately called, are locals of Roebuck Bay as they live year round in the Bay….

 So much of this environment is below the waves

Our Broome Community Seagrass Monitoring Project hit the news again! Check out the latest Seagrass-Watch newsletter to find the story.

A fabulous bay, even when the tide is out. To the left of this ramp was the previous Broome Port, a long jetty where ships would be out of the water for a few hours each day.

Tide's out, Roebuck Bay from Town Beach boat ramp

Tide’s out, Roebuck Bay from Town Beach boat ramp


Dinosaur footprints embedded in sandstone. At low tide ...

Dinosaur footprints embedded in sandstone. At low tide …

The dinosaurs were big around here.

The dinosaurs were big around here.

Seaview/Catalina's boat ramp at highest annual tide

Seaview/Catalina’s boat ramp at highest annual tide



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Ludwig Leichhardt perished nearby a century and a half ago …

Earlier this year, I headed off into the Great Sandy Desert, searching for suitable plant species, as well as looking for artifacts left by explorer Ludwig Leichhardt. The intrepid chaps we helped trying to reach this spot ended in failure, the vegetation was too difficult to gain vehicle access to the spot, falling short by about 50 km.

Here is another look at the explorer’s legacy:

Bruce Simpson in Leichhardt’s Footsteps

I went for a walk last week with Bruce Simpson in Leichhardt’s footsteps. Ludwig Leichhardt was the German explorer who disappeared in the Australian interior in 1848 with his team of men and animals on a quest to open up Australia’s interior to European eyes. 1,369 more words

Here are some of the images taken during our trip. We also passed within 100km of where Leichhardts’ party supposedly succumbed to the elements.

DSC00362 DSC00351 DSC00347 DSC00415 DSC00428The toughest country for a walking trek led to their demise, the country is harsh, yet beautiful.. Simpson suggests they died much closer to the NT than the investigating chaps I was accompanying.

[…] Leichhardt had seven or eight men (he left with sevcen but may have picked up an eighth at Mt Abundance), 77 animals, carts, tents and other paraphernalia. There are trees blazed with L and LL scattered through the outback and tales of massacres and “white aborigines” though none have been verified. The only genuine artefact ever found was a gunplate marked “Ludwig Leichhardt 1848″ apparently found in a tree near the WT/NT. The person who found that is long dead, the tree cannot be found with accuracy and in any case it may have been moved there by Aboriginals not by Leichhardt himself. […]

gc william2 060 The party with me tried from a different direction to reach the alleged marked ‘Leichhardt tree’, without success after I returned. I will have to get this book and see for myself I guess.

In contrast to Simpson’s view, the explorers were supposedly close to their destination of Pardoo, the mouth of the De Grey River at the SW end of the 80 Mile Beach.

Read it all …

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by the bay … Broome

… Roebuck Bay …

Mangrove Hotel, Broome, overlooking the mangroves of Roebuck Bay

Mangrove Hotel, Broome, overlooking the mangroves of Roebuck Bay


gap to the Broome Wharf, or port

028 That’s an oil rig tender in the distance. More… Continue reading

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a winning environmental horticulture move …

Nursery activities are in full swing in preparation anticipation for a splendid start to the wet season. Starting from November 1, the ‘wet season’ lasts until April 30. Rain before December 31 is always a bonus here. That’s Savannah tree planting time, here:

DSC00692 DSC00690 ???????????????????????????????Well done to the working mob …???????????????????????????????


New ablution block being installed

New ablution block being installed

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Some past results … click on images to enlarge: Continue reading

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Green “paroxysms of rage” …

The Governments’ new ‘Direct Action’ climate laws are good news to me, a ‘tree-planter’, though a pointless exercise to change what they can’t change, the climate. You would think the Greens would love it. What’s not to like about about planting 20 million trees. No, the Senators are mortified:

1.30am this morning, the Abbott gov and coal mining billionaire Palmer joined forces to rob tax-payers of $2.5 billion dollars to give to their mates at the Big End of Town.

For what? The promise of a reduction of emissions. No penalties for non-compliance, and a lot of optimism coming from the Abbott camp.


I wont bore you with the rest on their Facebook pages. Andrew Bolt has compiled more comments from different journalists. This is one:

Paul Kelly:

This is a decisive political victory for Tony Abbott and his Environment Minister, Greg Hunt…

The latest reversal by Clive Palmer and his party has delighted the Prime Minister, dismayed Labor and sent the Greens into paroxysms of rage. The wheel of history has turned in two stages — the recent repeal of Julia Gillard’s ETS policy and this week’s kiss of life to Direct Action.

Read them all.

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