Union racketeering …

So, when are the Police going to make arrests? This is a common Union practice according to the evidence, and not just the CFMEU, AWU, HSU, ETU, TU. No wonder Opposition Leader ‘Bull Shorton’ spent 2 days filibustering at the TURC court!

The media are mistakenly barracking for him too. Or should that be: aiding and abetting?

The statement is here:


Wonder what they’re trying to deflect attention from?

02ebe-6a0177444b0c2e970d01b8d11b0044970c-piUpdate, Catallaxy Files:

The high price of getting Shorten or should that be Royal Commissions

<I>Illustration: Matt Golding</i>Don’t you just love the ‘progressive’ media’s reaction to Shorten’s appearance at the Royal Commission: […]

Read it all!

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mad scientists … and others

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it’s over, Bill … go now

Bulls**t. is one of those terms well used in Ozzie vernacular, and a bulls**t artist is picked out easily by most ‘ozzies’. Which is why the Opposition Leader, Bull Shorten is often given the similar nickname of Bulls***en. It is no more apparent that this is a true nickname following his recent ‘campaigning’ for Worker’s rights at the Royal Commission. Even earning himself a warning or three from Justice Heydon. Larry Pickering gives him the caning he deserves:


Did Bill Shorten swap workers’ benefits for union fees? Yes he did. Did he hide Gillard and Wilson’s theft from his AWU members? Yes he did. Did he try to hide the HSU fraud? Yes he did. Did he have Bob Kernohan bashed? Yes he did. Did he rape a drunk 16 year-old girl? Yes he did. Did he knife two sitting Labor Prime Ministers? Yes he did. Did he… oh, I could go on all day, because this bloke has a rap sheet longer than both the Kray brothers combined.


The media is all over it.


Bob Hogg, a Labor stalwart of the past has , in everybody’s interest.


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the “new ‘warming’ religion” …

Of course, the Nobel winning Professor is correct, as he should be: Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: ‘Global warming is a non-problem’

Not a faux Nobel Peace recipient like Obama, Gore, Mann, Hansen and co, but a real winner:

Dr. Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize-Winner for physics in 1973, declared his dissent on man-made global warming claims at a Nobel forum on July 1, 2015.  “I would say that basically global warming is a non-problem,” Dr. Giaever announced during his speech titled “Global Warming Revisited.”

Giaever, a former professor at the School of Engineering and School of Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, received the 1973 physics Nobel for his work on quantum tunneling.

Giaever delivered his remarks at the 65th Nobel Laureate Conference in Lindau, Germany, which drew 65 recipients of the prize. Giaever is also featured in the new documentary “Climate Hustle”, set for release in Fall 2015.

Giaever was one of President Obama’s key scientific supporters in 2008 when he joined over 70 Nobel Science Laureates in endorsing Obama in an October 29, 2008 open letter. Giaever signed his name to the letter which read in part: “The country urgently needs a visionary leader…We are convinced that Senator Barack Obama is such a leader, and we urge you to join us in supporting him.”

But seven years after signing the letter, Giaever now mocks President Obama for warning that “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change”. Giaever called it a “ridiculous statement.”

“I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong,” Giaever said.

“How can he say that? I think Obama is a clever person, but he gets bad advice. Global warming is all wet,” he added.

“Obama said last year that 2014 is hottest year ever. But it’s not true. It’s not the hottest,” Giaever noted.

The Nobel physicist questioned the basis for rising carbon dioxide fears.  “When you have a theory and the theory does not agree with the experiment then you have to cut out the theory. You were wrong with the theory,” Giaever explained.

Global Warming ‘a new religion’

Giaever said his climate research was eye opening. “I was horrified by what I found” after researching the issue in 2012, he noted.

“Global warming really has become a new religion. Because you cannot discuss it. It’s not proper. It is like the Catholic Church.”

“I am worried very much about the [UN] conference in Paris in November. I really worry about that. Because the [2009 UN] conference was in Copenhagen and that almost became a disaster but nothing got decided. But now I think that the people who are alarmist are in a very strong position,” Giaever said.

“The facts are that in the last 100 years we have measured the temperatures it has gone up .8 degrees and everything in the world has gotten better. So how can they say it’s going to get worse when we have the evidence? We live longer, better health, and better everything. But if it goes up another .8 degrees we are going to die I guess,” he noted.

“I would say that the global warming is basically a non-problem. Just leave it alone and it will take care of itself. It is almost very hard for me to understand why almost every government in Europe — except for Polish government — is worried about global warming. It must be politics.”

“So far we have left the world in better shape than when we arrived, and this will continue with one exception — we have to stop wasting huge, I mean huge amounts of money on global warming. We have to do that or that may take us backwards. People think that is sustainable but it is not sustainable.

Giaever accused NASA and federal scientists of “fiddling” with temperatures. “They can fiddle with the data. That is what NASA does.”

“You cannot believe the people — the alarmists — who say CO2 is a terrible thing. Its not true, its absolutely not true,” Giaever continued while showing a slide asking: ‘Do you believe CO2 is a major climate gas?’

“I think the temperature has been amazingly stable. What is the optimum temperature of the earth? Is that the temperature we have right now? That would be a miracle. No one has told me what the optimal temperature of the earth should be,” he said.

“How can you possibly measure the average temperature for the whole earth and come up with a fraction of a degree? I think the average temperature of earth is equal to the emperor’s new clothes. How can you think it can measure this to a fraction of a degree? It’s ridiculous,” he added.

Giaever accused Nature Magazine of “wanting to cash in on the [climate] fad.”  “My friends said I should not make fun of Nature because then they won’t publish my papers,” he explained.

“No one mentions how important CO2 is for plant growth. It’s a wonderful thing. Plants are really starving. They don’t talk about how good it is for agriculture that CO2 is increasing,” he added.

“The other thing that amazes me is that when you talk about climate change it is always going to be the worst. It’s got to be better someplace for heaven’s sake. It can’t always be to the worse,” he said.

“Then comes the clincher. If climate change does not scare people we can scare people talking about the extreme weather,” Giaever said.

“For the last hundred years, the ocean has risen 20 cm — but for the previous hundred years the ocean also has risen 20 cm and for the last 300 years, the ocean has also risen 20 cm per 100 years. So there is no unusual rise in sea level. And to be sure you understand that I will repeat it. There is no unusual rise in sea level,” Giaever said.

“If anything we have entered period of low hurricanes. These are the facts,” he continued.  “You don’t’ have to even be a scientist to look at these figures and you understand what it says,” he added.  “Same thing is for tornadoes. We are in a low period on in U.S.”

Media Hype

“What people say is not true. I spoke to a journalist with [German newspaper] Die Welt yesterday…and I asked how many articles he published that says global warming is a good thing. He said I probably don’t publish them at all. Its always a negative. always,” Giever said.

“They say refugees are trying to cross the Mediterranean. These people are not fleeing global warming, they are fleeing poverty,” he noted.  “If you want to help Africa, help them out of poverty, do not try to build solar cells and windmills,” he added.

“Are you wasting money on solar cells and windmills rather than helping people? These people have been misled. It costs money in the end to that. Windmills cost money.”

“Cheap energy is what made us so rich and now suddenly people don’t want it anymore.”

“People say oil companies are the big bad people. I don’t understand why they are worse than the windmill companies. General Electric makes windmills. They don’t tell you that they are not economical because they make money on it. But nobody protests GE, but they protest Exxon who makes oil,” he noted.



In 2008, Dr. Ivar Giaever joined over 70 Nobel Science Laureates in endorsing Barack Obama for president, but seven years later the Nobel Prize winner now…


nobelprize[1] Climate News

“Deniers” in their midst – All is not well in Nobel Prize Land

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Dr Strangelove … ‘off the planet’

Would you trust this man to run your life?

Well, that’s what the Pope and the rest of the political warmist class wants to do:

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the scientist behind Laudato Si, is an activist for a global state run by “enlightened” elites

This is the thing that wants to run your life for you.

God help us! The Pope’s advisory is ‘off the planet’:

[…]In his own wistful words, here is his “daydream” about what the “Great Transformation” to “world government” would look like:

the Earth Constitution would transcend the UN Charter and identify those first principles guiding humanity in its quest for freedom, dignity, security and sustainability;
the Global Council would be an assembly of individuals elected directly by all people on Earth, where eligibility should be not constrained by geographical, religious, or cultural quotas; and
the Planetary Court would be a transnational legal body open to appeals from everybody, especially with respect to violations of the Earth Constitution.


There may be a 666 tattoo there somewhere, heh.

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factless BoM … and their media shills at ABC

The bias and facts-less reporting goes on and on and on. BoM’s lack of historical knowledge is only a tidge better than ‘their’ ABC. First ever July cyclone for the region off Queensland: Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on. It didn’t take much for these amateur meteorologists to show them up for what they are. Clueless.

Forecaster David Grant on the ABC:

“We’ve never had a July tropical cyclone in the Queensland region before.

Australia has only had one other officially declared July cyclone, which formed off Western Australia in 1996.

The official tropical cyclone season runs from November 1 to April 30.”

There’s been at least a dozen, including some quite severe. Go and have a look. As ‘Another Ian’ suggested at WUWT about the previous post, they must be suffering from ‘Climate Parisitis’.

Newspaper report, Cyclone, 1935, July,

July 1935, Click to enlarge | Trove

It’s an epidemic, Warwick Hughes does some fact checking: Australian BoM claim that Perth has had the warmest June ever is not true everywhere around Perth

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Paris-itics unleashed …

The Paris Push for the November COP is in full swing, led by the ABC Paris-itics. Seriously? Tsunamis caused by global warming?

Too much panic is never enough. Fran Kelly asks Stephen O’Brien, lawyer and UN official, about that the effects of climate change which are “already being felt”. She does not blink when his answer includes more frequent and more severe tsunamis. His qualifier…  It’s not a question of “if”, but “when”.

Yes, yes, this is “best and brightest” ideas from around the world, apparently. […]

Even worse. Making it all up:

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climate data “unusable” … and corrupt

Climate fail, of the biggest kind. A disaster for the global warmists.

Government Climate Data Found Unreliable

Written by John L Casey SSRC on 29 Jun 2015

Effective immediately, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), a leader in climate prediction, has dropped the US government’s ground based global temperature data from its list of reliable sources. co2 fraud

This significant step has been made by the SSRC after extensive review of the US government’s ground temperature data and its wide divergence from more reliable sources of climate data, namely satellite systems.

The SSRC has found multiple flaws that it says render the US government’s climate data virtually unusable. The SSRC has further observed that the US government and specifically, President Barack Obama, have routinely deceived the people regarding the true status of the Earth’s climate, its causes, and where the global climate is heading.

In the past, the SSRC has used five global temperature data sets, three ground based (NOAA, NASA and HADCRUT) and two satellite data sets (RSS, UAH). These data sets are analyzed and an integrated picture of all five allows the SSRC to produce its semi-annual Global Climate Status Report (GCSR). HADCRUT is a combined set from two UK science groups.

As of today, the SSRC will no longer use the ground based data sets of NASA and NOAA because of serious questions about their credibility and allegations of data manipulation to support President Obama’s climate change policies. Use of HADCRUT will also be suspended on similar grounds.

According to SSRC President, Mr. John L. Casey, “It is clear that during the administration of President Barack Obama, there has developed a culture of scientific corruption permitting the alteration or modification of global temperature data in a way that supports the myth of manmade global warming […]

How embarrassing for ‘climate science’. All that adjusting, homogenizing, tweaking and twerking the data, for nought! At least the satellite data is OK:

[…] While the use of satellite data only, will limit the depth of quality of the Global Climate Status Report, it will at the same time allow us to still provide the best available climate assessment and climate predictions possible using only the most reliable data.”

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tracking dinosaurs …

The world’s most impressive and substantial dinosaur footprint highway is about to be bombarded by a number of human Paleontologist and assisting researcher’s footprints, drones and lasers. The Broome coastline for 200 km contains examples of at least 16 different species, centred on James Price Point. Begins the season with this opening event:

Roebuck Bay Working Group's photo.

Palaeontologist, Dr Steve Salisbury will be in Broome on Tuesday July 7 to speak about the research he is leading on Cretaceous dinosaur tracks. When Steve is trying to work out what is going on with the tracks on the Dampier Peninsula, he imagines he is right there amongst the dinosaurs! Steve is a great speaker, you will be impressed.


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the next crisis? …

You can only doctor the real data for as long as you it takes for real research to happen. The Greek crisis could be just the beginning:

The US is in a mess.

Of course, that percentage is close to the number who use food stamps.

It gets worse:

Most government debt per person:
3. US – $ 58,604
12. Greece – $ 38,444
42. Russia – $2,297
48. China – $ 1,489


Only Japan and Ireland are in a worse fiscal position than the US.

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