BoM’s predictions … still failing

BoM are expecting a warm Australian winter/spring. I predict the opposite, but hope I’m wrong. BoMs past predictions have been poor:  A fail for Australian Bureau of Meteorology temperature Outlooks for Autumn 2014

Now, future predictions are already looking shaky:

Text details of chance of warmer maximum and minimum temperatures


  • Warmer days and nights more likely for Australia for July to September
  • Climate influences include warm Indian and Pacific oceans
  • Outlook accuracy for maximum temperatures is moderate to high over most of Australia, except for western Tasmania and parts of southwest WA, where accuracy is low.
  • Minimum temperature accuracy is patchy for July to September, with generally moderate accuracy over parts of the north and eastern coast, and low accuracy elsewhere. See accuracy tab for map.
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naturally occurring Genetic Modification …

This research defies the Green agenda against GM products such as modified Corn and Canola. Natural GM is the result of viral and bacterial parasites, says this latest post from SNWA: Scientists uncover ‘treasure trove’ in jumping genes

Written by 

“Transposable Elements can alter the expression of other genes, they can crash into other genes and snuff them out, virtually destroy them," Dr Oliver says. “Transposable Elements can alter the expression of other genes, they can crash into other genes and snuff them out, virtually destroy them,” Dr Oliver says. Image: Bill & Mark Bell

AN EVOLUTIONARY biologist has proposed a radical new hypothesis to explain the rapid proliferation of new species and sub species at certain moments in evolutionary history. [...]

Sounds like GM, without the Green hype: [...]

Parasites act as gene transporter

Genetic material can also transfer between species and even phyla via the action of parasites such as viruses and bacteria.

“Viruses have played a very important part in evolution,” Dr Oliver says.

“Some viruses can transform into Transposable Elements…we call them androgenised retroviruses.

“A retrovirus can lose its envelope gene and then it becomes a regular transposable element.

“It’s confined to the genome, it can’t get out any more because it’s lost its envelope gene—but it can still move around.

“Eight percent of our genome is viral in origin.”

Dr Oliver has comprehensively reviewed empirical literature, with the help of Associate Professor Wayne Green and Prof Jen McCombe, to support this testable new hypothesis.

“Transposable elements are a vital part of the story of evolution,” Dr Oliver says.

“The theory of evolution should be built on empirical evidence and not on mathematical modelling which could be based on false premises.”

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media pensions under threat … censuring needed to protect their investments

The BBC makes a fool of itself. Are they just trying to protect their Superannuation investment in a failed ‘Green Energy’?:

Matt Ridley on the ecocorporation

Matt Ridley takes a look at the BBC’s recent surrender to the greens in the Times.

The BBC’s behaviour grows ever more bizarre. Committed by charter to balanced reporting, it has now decided formally that it was wrong to allow balance in a debate between rival guesses about the future. In rebuking itself for having had the gall to interview Nigel Lawson on the Today programme about climate change earlier this year, it issued a statement containing this gem: “Lord Lawson’s views are not supported by the evidence from computer modelling and scientific research.”

The evidence from computer modelling? The phrase is an oxymoron. A model cannot, by definition, provide evidence: it can provide a prediction to test against real evidence. In the debate in question, Lord Lawson said two things: it was not possible to attribute last winter’s heavy rain to climate change with any certainty, and the global surface temperature has not warmed in the past 15 to 17 years. He was right about both, as his debate opponent, Sir Brian Hoskins, confirmed.

The GWPF has the rest.


Other media conglomerates probably have a similar problem, such as Australia’s ABC. It seems like many Super funds have invested in renewal energy, instead of trying to provide higher yields to investors:

Investing in renewables in Australia — EcoGeneration


Powered by carbon ....

Powered by carbon ….


“While the planet burns” – Elites & Cronies Deny Empirical Science, Push Climate Policies To Enrich Themselves

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increasing CO2 effect on plants …

The increasing yield of crops with increased CO2 availability also covers the Australian woodland. Our common Acacia colei, the “Soapbush” for example nearly doubles with 300 extra parts per million:

Acacia colei


300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm
 Number of Results
 Arithmetic Mean
 Standard Error


Individual Experiment Results

Journal References

Experimental Conditions
300 ppm
600 ppm
900 ppm

Atkin et al. (1999)



This result differs completely with the AGW hype we have been subjected to for the past couple of decades. In fact almost all vegetation has large increases with higher concentrations of CO2.

Even that basic staple of the Greens shows a massive increase of mass from extra CO2 concentration, from 70% with extra 600ppm and 61% with an extra 900 ppm, more than treble today’s 400ppm:

Soybean [Glycine max] 190trials 45.5% 26trials 70.4% 3trials 61%

Sugar cane also increases massively with extra CO2:

Sugarcane [Saccharum officinarum] 11trials extra 300ppm 34%more

Check them all out: Plant Growth Database


Imagine, a world with adequate carbon dioxide

Right now we have an ambient air with a 400 parts per million level of Carbon dioxide, 0.04 % by volume, is a less than ideal level for plants, which are better off at about 2000 PPM.

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Timmy’s failed scientific predictions … ‘timfoolery’

Tim Flannery’s massive fail in his predictions, is outdone by this nonsense: Australia facing ‘unprecedented rise in climate denial’

Seems like people are waking up to you, Tim.

Continue reading

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carbon dioxide benefits and Green hypocrisy …

One thing the ‘global warming’ hype has convinced me about, is that CO2 is an especially good product to help with biodiversity, and increased plant growth and crop yields. I soon learned that CAGW was just hype, and, more recently fraud. Heartland Institute Conference: CO2 Rise Increases Biodiversity, Crop Yields

[...] Dr. Craig Idso pointed out that there is a huge body of literature on the biological impacts of rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels that the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ignores. He emphatically stated that atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant. In fact, increased levels of CO2 reduce the negative effects of a number of plant stresses including: high salinity, low light, high and low temperatures, insufficient water, air pollution, and protects against herbivores i.e. being eaten by animals and insects.


Dr Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace founder describes this effect well too:

  • Scientists Converge on Las Vegas Climate Skeptics Conference



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carbon, PlanA …

Thanks to tailingsproject  for this comment on this post:

Interested in your take on this story Tom -
Kimberley carbon project worth millions could be lost, traditional owners fear

It’s a good question. I have been on the outside partially listening in. Advice to the Communities I work with have come from Government Institutions, like TAFE, Environment Departments, Ag Departments and the rest of bureaucracy. They have “pushed the carbon angle” very strongly, so it’s the belief of the Native Title holders to believe them, for some cash.

My advice to them was to disbelieve that bureaucratic rhetoric and plan projects that survived without the ‘carbon credits’ windfall, but said to them, if anyone’s stupid enough, milk them for what you can. It would serve them right. Some pastoralists have already had their fingers and their bank accounts,  burnt. I will be following the next step with interest. With the Senate off the rails with egos to show off, who knows what will happen. We don’t need it, but don’t tell anyone.

I haven’t read the article yet, but I may have more comments after reading it. Stay tuned.

 That’s our Plan A, anyone want to buy some carbon credits?!

Here’s mine, our Broome’s LNG fired Power Station. The bush surrounding it is flush with growth.

Powered by carbon ....

Powered by carbon ….

Just down the road, the rest of a very small footprint …

Vine forest adjoining the Toll Transport yard at Broome Port with Browse bore casing

Vine forest adjoining the Toll Transport yard at Broome Port with Browse bore casing

Can’t believe this, thanks bloggers:

…plus 990 more for a total of 999 followers!

View all followers

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the wonder gas, can’t live without it …

Off course, the scaremongers wont read any of this by Doug Cotton, is doesn’t fit the ‘agenda’:

Doug Cotton,

 As I explain in my book “Why It’s Not Carbon Dioxide After All” (on eBay Australia and Amazon) the temperature gradient (aka lapse rate) is the state of thermodynamic equilibrium. It determines the surface temperatures of Earth and Venus and other planets in conjunction with solar radiation that sets the overall level. Water vapour and carbon dioxide reduce the gradient because of the temperature levelling effect of radiation. Hence they lead to cooler surface temperatures, not warmer. Real world data shows this to be the case for water vapour. Carbon dioxide can in no way cause higher surface temperatures.


 See this article for a brief summary and also my paper Radiated Energy and my book

 “Why it’s not carbon dioxide after all”

 in paperback from Amazon (US $20) and 

 Barnes & Noble or Kindle e-book (US $6) or

 iBooks, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod & Mac

 Wholesale:  Outskirts Press 

 eBay Australia (US $15)  eBay UK 

 Read this article and see temperatures here.

Watch the video here, it’s a cracker:

Push back against the alarmists



Powered by carbon ....

Powered by carbon ….


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stressed flora like grasses substantially increase with more CO2 …

Grasses love more carbon too, according to this latest research results:

Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Water Stress: Grassland Species): An analysis of the post-1994 peer-reviewed scientific literature pertaining to the responses of several grassland species to atmospheric CO2 enrichment, while concurrently experiencing various degrees of water stress, demonstrates that the historic and still-ongoing rise in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration will likely lead to substantial increases in the photosynthetic rates and biomass production of various grassland plants, even in the face of stressful environmental conditions imposed by less-than-optimum soil moisture availability.

Some Plants REALLY Love CO2: Would you believe a concentration of 10,000 ppm?

sugar cane in Kununurra

sugar cane in Kununurra

The Last 30 Years of Plant Growth Across the Asia-Pacific Region: How badly has it been hurt by the devastating CO2-induced effects of global warming and climate change?


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Conservation of the Kimberley … enrichment of the Savannah

This post of mine was sent to the ‘local rag’ which is not internet-able, who wanted it reduced to a third, which would have lost it’s meaning. I prefer to publish it here, along with links and images instead.

Conservation of the Kimberley

It’s nice to see Mr Wade Freeman of the Conservation Council of WA is concerned about the lack of EPA processing for the Buru Energy tight gas drilling proposals. I don’t know why though. The EPA failed in its’ duties in a big way over the proposed James Price Point Woodside LNG Project. The EPA missed the rarity of the flora and fauna, the dinosaur footprints and the overall scientific interest associated with the area, let alone indigenous concerns. Their environmental credentials were exaggerated, as were Woodside’s deficient environmental studies.g c theo 030

However, the shoe is now on the other foot. The use of the Conservation Council of WA’s rhetoric in Mr Freeman’s recent comments seen in print, and their own Facebook pages, show a propensity for the same exaggerations in trying to put across their point. I suggest they take a much closer look at the science, and forget their own social science origins for a time. I don’t need to point out the hype they use on Facebook, it’s bleeding obvious.

Looking at the site plan for the Buru Energy drilling project, the footprint is exceedingly smaller than that required to manufacture, build, and operate their renewable energy dinosaurs, un-phased by the knowledge that coal is needed to manufacture steel, rare earth metal processing for turbines can be far more environmentally devastating, and the poor and middle class are heavily subsidizing the power for those who can afford to pay more for alternative and renewable energy.

Summary EP – Tight Gas Pilot Exploration Program

Carbon dioxide is still plant food, as any research into CO2 and horticulture can tell you. The recent increase in crop yields (WA broke records again last year) is also testimony to that, with some species even showing a doubling of plant growth when subjected to much higher CO2 concentrations in the air. CO2 is not pollution and temperatures haven’t risen in the last 18 years, unfortunately. As well-known scientist and meteorologist Dr William Gray once said “One thing that keeps getting clearer to me is the amount of time, treasure etc wasted on 1/100th of the GHG, .04% of the atmosphere which has 1/1000th the heat capacity of the ocean and next to the affects of the sun, oceans and stochastic events probably can not be measured outside the noise, is a giant red herring and meant to distract from a bigger agenda, which has nothing to do with our obsessions.”



indigenous rangers leaning on a Salmon Gum, Eucalyptus bigalerita

indigenous rangers leaning on a Salmon Gum, Eucalyptus bigalerita


Instead, you could be following our practice of flooding the north with indigenous trees and shrubs in enhanced Savannah horticultural planting projects, providing a greater weed control, a future indigenous income stream and aiding advanced environmental practices in mining, communities, councils and government projects from Kununurra to Exmouth.

Our group of volunteers and hundreds of mostly indigenous participants and supporters have quietly been implementing our agenda with the help of conservative government, mining and exploration companies, landscapers, indigenous organizations, employment and training agencies for over a decade.

The rhetoric from the Left side of politics is the only real threat to our advances, as Mr Freeman’s Environmental Group tries to put a stop to every development in a misguided attempt to portray careful environmental planning in a derogatory way. Not all miners are as bad as environmentalists say.

Now, I have an announcement to make. Our group of volunteers and supporters will plant a million income producing indigenous trees in the north of WA over the next 5 years, and remove as many weeds, providing a future employment bonanza. Indigenous Communities, Outstations, Mining Companies and Shire Councils will all benefit from our expanded program which has begun. You can either work with us or against us, physically or financially. We have put in hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and time spent, to get this far.
The new Government is right behind us, as were their Howard era predecessors with Work for the Dole and Green Corps. The sale of Telstra funds helped kick-start things, along with a small Lotterywest grant. Mamabulanjin, Yawuru and Goolarabooloo Indigenous organizations have already contributed, and so have many other groups and even parts of the bureaucracy, such as Watercorp. A further announcement will be made by our indigenous partners in due course, but these are exciting times.

Now it’s time for environmental groups to get involved too. Buy our trees and plant them. It does  more for the environment than Facebook activism, whining and blockading. Indigenous elders like Noel Pearson from Cape York, and local Communities like NBY and Noonkanbah have now woken up to the propaganda.

g c theo 053 Continue reading

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