flowering streets …

Hibiscus frixellii

Hibiscus frixellii

Thespesia thespesioides

Thespesia thespesioides

Malvaceae species, above, and Convolvulaceae below,  growing in gardens and landscaping provides great colour. The images below are Ipomoea costata, followed by the white flowering ground cover, Davenportia davenportii, both on a Broome street verge. Click to enlarge

Ipomoea costata

Ipomoea costata

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honey on tap …

It’s the bee’s knees, the saying goes. In this case the inventor’s have hit the ‘honey pot’, literally. A new invention for bee keepers to be able to just turn the tap on, and watch it pour.

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“no specific moral virtues” …

[…] Alinsky tactics were designed most importantly to make bourgeois society live up to its core values. This it could do because conservatives actually do have values. The left, however, has none, only tactics. The left stands for no specific moral virtues which are based on self-restraint and personal responsibility. Nothing the left ever seeks can be found, for example, in The Ten Commandments. Charity is a Judeo-Christian virtue, not a socialist virtue. Socialism seeks redistribution instead, which is theft and plunder, but pretends it is doing so in the name of equity and justice. It has no clue how to create value, nor does it have a set of values to base one’s life.

An Alinsky tactic is to lie on behalf of some socialist enterprise. The left should have this meaning of Alinsky tied to every pore of its misbegotten philosophy of hatred and destruction.

Economics Professor Steve Kates has got it right here, the media’s antagonistic reporting shows them up for what they have become, Alinsky-ites themselves. He also refers to this statement:

[…] This is from Steve Hayward at Powerline, The Alinksy Way of Governing. There he wrote:

My School of Public Policy colleague (and top statewide GOP vote-getter in California last November) Pete Peterson has a nice piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on “The Alinsky Way of Governing” that details the degrading effect Alinskyist politics is having on today’s generation of liberals. (Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on the greatness of Alinsky.)

Read it all at Catallaxy Files.


The media’s recent attacks on Tony Abbott, Prime Minister have not let up since before he became prime Minister. Even Alinsky would be baffled by these outbursts, made before the last election:

I guess the media are all disciples of Saul Alinsky: http://www.cassandratimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Saul-Alinsky.jpg

Update, Professor Sloan has also covered the Alinsky agenda this week: Salem witch-hunts Part II: Alinsky style

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carbon munching …

I hadn’t seen this fungus before, it’s quite pretty, click to enlarge:


May be a bracket fungus species.

More carbon munchers, caterpillars do the leaves, fungus, the trunks and mulch:

Indigenous plants - 0787Indigenous plants - 1038 Indigenous plants - 1046

green corps 044green corps 040

Termites munch the rest inside ‘pindan posts’.statues 2 copy

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the next resources boom …

Coal looks to be on the verge of another boom, with the new forecast power stations soon to be built:

Japan Defies Obama — Plans On Building 43 Coal Plants

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
An employee of Kyushu Electric Power Co walks at the company's Sendai nuclear power plant in Satsumasendai

The US closes coal plants, while Japan builds them

Oil Derrick

New oil field near London, England – much larger than originally estimated

A local company, Buru Energy, signs a native title agreement to ship oil from it’s new field East of Broome, through the Port of Wyndham.

5 rivers port of Wyndham

5 rivers port of Wyndham

Not to be left out, Woodside have an announcement: Woodside finds more gas near Pluto

The West Australian2 days ago
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taxi …

Cable Beach has a new taxi service for tourists for this tourist season, pictured below:

A user's photo.

Just perfect for that fortnightly ‘escape the cold’ taxi: ???????????????????????????????


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not wrong …

A reply to a question about changing minds, becomes a discussion between electrical engineers, physicists, meteorologists and more fascinating reading about feed-backs, pauses and gains, only part understanding, but the conclusions are easily understood. The banter is easy and funny, it’s getting first through the flurry of trolls at the beginning of comments and the dedicated troll destroyers who have then gone to bed, the conversation and debate is what I look forward to each day.

Posts like the one below has over 300 comments, from the trolls at the start to the PHD’s and others along the way, always have a lot of great links to video interviews, even of the most senior  of them all:


How to convince a climate skeptic he’s wrong


Professor Dyson:

Here is a good interview with the esteemed Freeman Dyson from the rather left leaning Vancouver (Canada) Sun. In it he says that models are wrong, and warming is good.

I am convinced. I am a ‘denier’. Like Professor Dyson. James Lovelock and Professor Lennart Bengtsson too.

Professor Myles Allen must be a ‘denier’ too, he called CAGW “a con”.

I borrowed this cartoon from a comment, thanks, MaxPhoton:

(One of my all-time favorites.)

I only became a ‘denier’ since the computer age began in 2000 for me, and the amusement and knowledge I get from listening to or reading input by the excellent science and meteorological practitioners on blogs like WUWT, Watts Up With That?, occasionally some input of my own,   Climate Audit and Jonova and friends. Many of them must be called ‘deniers’ too of course.

Update, today, here’s another ‘denier’, so I am in good company: Nils-Axel Morner Interview


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“blessings of higher temps and CO2″ …

A new paper finds out that the main agenda (twin evils) outcome for climate scientists is wrong: The Growth & Water Use Efficiency of Two Tree Species Since 1850 (7 April 2015)
Have the two phenomena been helped or hurt by the impacts of what climate alarmists consider to be the “twin evils” of atmospheric CO2 “pollution” and CO2-induced global warming?…

Figure 1. Upper panel: Mean tree-ring δ13C-derived iWUE values over the period 1850-2005 for Douglas fir and Ponderosa Pine trees located in the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Rockies Region. Lower panel: Mean basal-area index values over the same time period and locations within the Northern Rockies Region. Adapted from Soulé and Knapp (2015).

Of course, the horticultural industry has been on to this for decades. Hothouses and CO2 generators are in heavy use. Next, the Green blob will want to ban their use too.


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040890_greenhouses_carbon_dioxide_generators_plant_growth.html#ixzz2X0I5YJYI


Here is another useful CO2 generator:

gas fired power station belching tonnes of CO2 from the stacks ...

 Just a pity temperatures have failed to rise for nearly 20 years.

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more oil and gas …

Green(ies) will not be happy. More oil found, nearly ready for pumping.

West Australian company Buru Energy moves a step closer to beginning commercial oil production in the Kimberley.

A small infrastructure boom has been going on, in and around Broome. Like these:??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Woodside, too, has just found another offshore Pilbara gas field.

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lines on the map … adjusted of course

Some interesting graphs and surprises. Followed below with the most devastating news.


Archived color maps of local temperature anomalies are available on-line at:

You can see where the last cyclone swathed a path for a second this week, to cool the West Coast of Australia. Warwick Hughes checked the original BoM forecast for March, then wrote this: Australian Bureau of Meteorology March temperature Outlooks turned out to be laughable failures.  Warwick has more, go and see the graphs.

BoM’s sea surface ‘looped’ temperature series is colour-distracted, especially to a colour blind reader like myself, but here goes:

North Western Australia
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Christmas Island

Interesting, the effects of near cyclone and cyclone distribution can be noticed.

Joe Bastardi has the best graphs.

May even have the most accurate forecasts, too:

 […]  For me, this debate is far from settled. And it’s the atmosphere that should settle it, not agendas.

Now, I ask people who don’t see things my way: Is there anything that can challenge your position on this? If not, then your position is dogma, very different from what is needed to strive for the correct idea on this matter.

Now for the C3 headline scoop of the week day year Official Fake Temperatures By Climate Agencies: The Temperature Fabrication Issue Bigger Than Thought

Continue reading

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