raindancing …

Waiting now for the wet season to start here. Much of the Kimberley has already had a months worth of good rains, but as usual, Broome has to wait a bit longer. The storms have been close at times, I hope the next scheduled lightning performance starts as predicted by the Weather Channel next Wednesday.

The frogs need it …phone1 023 phone1 024

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Cable Beach reflections and colours …

Cable Beach can be really photogenic at sunset, or most anytime really, so here are a few taken over a period of time with my mobile phone when I had left my usual camera behind. It really is a fabulous beach, with the big tides creating some extraordinary colours:

Click to enlarge …

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the energy battle losers … and the winners keeping the lights on

Some fun topics on Insta this morning:

#GREENFAIL: A Two-Day Battle to Charge My Car Convinced Me We’re Not Ready for EVs.

CHEAP OIL COULD kill off biofuel mandates. I wouldn’t mind keeping cellulosic ethanol research going, but food-based biofuels have been a disaster.

It’s not all bad: NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Nearly perfect carbon nanotubes key to energy-saving lights.

A deal from Amazon: Today only: Jackery Giant+ Premium Portable Charger Aluminum 12000mAh Power Pack and External Battery Bank, $29.95 (You Save $100.00 (77% off)).

Better still …

RECYCLING: Discarded Laptop Batteries Keep the Lights On: Millions of batteries discarded with computers have more than enough life to power home lighting for one year, researchers in India say.

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“drill, baby, drill” …

GOOGLE’s top engineers say renewable energy wont work, cannot cut CO2 emissions, or change the climate!

Two highly qualified Google engineers who have spent years studying and trying to improve renewable energy technology have stated quite bluntly that renewables will never permit the human race to cut CO2 emissions to the levels demanded by climate activists. Whatever the future holds, it is not a renewables-powered civilisation: such a thing is impossible.

Both men are Stanford PhDs, Ross Koningstein having trained in aerospace engineering and David Fork in applied physics. These aren’t guys who fiddle about with websites or data analytics or “technology” of that sort: they are real engineers who understand difficult maths and physics, and top-bracket even among that distinguished company. The duo were employed at Google on the RE~C project, which sought to enhance renewable technology to the point where it could produce energy more cheaply than coal.

RE~C was a failure, and Google closed it down after four years. Now, Koningstein and Fork have explained the conclusions they came to after a lengthy period of applying their considerable technological expertise to renewables, in an article posted at IEEE Spectrum.

The two men write: (Go to the link to read the rest)

Renewable energy is fine when you are off the grid. That’s where it should stay, not for the poor folk to subsidize those  that can otherwise afford to pay.

CO2 has proven a winner for the environment and food production. Continue reading

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CO2 increases are good news for rice farmers …

The increased atmospheric CO2 we now see is wonderful news for rice-growers. Not only showing a greatly improved crop yield when extra CO2 is made available, but the plant develops a much stronger immunity against weeds and pests according to this latest, posted at CO2science:

Weeds, Pests & Pathogens Beware: The Air’s CO2 Content is Rising (3 December 2014)
The ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 concentration may well “increase plant resistance to specific weeds, pests and pathogens,” which is great news for future plants and the animals dependent upon them for food…

Great for the world’s farmers, too, less chemical requirements in particular.

[…] As for the significance of these findings, the eight researchers write that “phenolic compounds are emerging as important defense compounds in rice,” particularly noting that the phenolic compound tricin “inhibits the growth of Echinochloa colonum, Echinochloa crusgalli, Cyperus iris and Cyperus difformis,” which they say “are the most noxious weeds in rice fields,” citing Kong et al. (2004). And they add that several flavonoids “have also been found to exhibit antibiotic activities against the soil-borne pathogenic fungi Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium oxysporum,” which they say are “the causal agents of rice seedling rot disease,” again citing Kong et al. (2004), as well as Olofsdotter et al. (2002). And they thus suggest that the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 concentration may well “increase plant resistance to specific weeds, pests and pathogens,” which should be great news for rice growers.

Read it all …

Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet

Gas powered ...

Gas powered …

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case of the missing tail …

Must have been a close shave, click to enlarge:

???????????????????????????????Now let’s have a closer look …


Closer still …???????????????????????????????Plenty of surprises in my garden. A friend of this one, seen last week, but a bit smaller …


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climate change hucksters … caught out

All the hyping and carping, bullying and name-calling of the climate hucksters is all for nothing. Their scams are unraveling fast, as the world continues the decade long cooling period and 18 years without warming.

Only three days left to save The Earth – Aussie Scientist’s 2009 Climate Tipping Point Deadline Comes Due!

Despite their shrieking, as though their climate ‘winnings’ are soon to be stopped, the Obamagorestrongs* of the world, leaders of the hucksters will continue their ‘world will end in 3 days’ or so, projections. Oh, and along with the Oz Chief scientist mentioned in the link above.

Climate Depot has a list of a few failed climate forecasts: Flashback: Earth ‘Serially Doomed’: Climate Depot Factsheet on Inconvenient History of Global Warming ‘Tipping Points’ — Hours, Days, Months, Years, Millennium

The stories they hate:

Earth Has More Sea Ice Than 35 Years Ago

Continue reading

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winging it at sunset …

???????????????????????????????Cable Beach sunset

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doubling wireless transmission speeds …

Once again, wireless speeds for data can be doubled, this time by a simple new process that can transmit and receive data simultaneously on the same frequency. Glenn Reynolds   has the story:

FASTER, PLEASE: “A relatively simple circuit invented by researchers at the University of Texas could let smartphones and other wireless devices send and receive data twice as fast as they do now.”

Why It Matters

Demand for wireless bandwidth is growing rapidly.

This circuit could allow cell phones and other devices to double their data bandwidth.

A relatively simple circuit invented by researchers at the University of Texas could let smartphones and other wireless devices send and receive data twice as fast as they do now.

The circuit makes it possible for a radio to send and receive signals on the same channel simultaneously – something known as “full-duplex” communications. That should translate to a doubling of the rate at which information can be moved around wirelessly.

Today’s radios must send and receive at different times to avoid drowning out incoming signals with their own transmissions. As a smartphone accesses the Internet via a cell tower, for example, its radio flips back and forth between sending and receiving, similar way to the way two people having a conversation take turns to speak and listen.


Keep reading at the link provided …

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the Professor and her ‘twin’ … teaching nonsense

Professor Carmen Lawrence, formerly a colleague of Professor Lewandowski from the Psych. Department of the University of Western Australia, and Premier of Western Australia, and former federal Labor politician.

The Premier is under some scrutiny about :

[…] My submission to the Royal Commission said Counsel Assisting was wrong.  I say that after lobbying, Carmen Lawrence’s Labor Government cancelled any tender process and gave the $60M contract directly to Thiess.

That happened following threats from AWU fraudster, Bruce Wilson, who threatened to withdraw his support for Lawrence. This enabled the Blewett, Wilson, Gillard slush fund scam to rip off taxpayers.

[…] example of a University obstructing the replication of science, through the censorship of data release, or not release, as in this case, from the University of Western Australia. Is psychology science or nonsense. If science can’t be replicated, then it’s nonsense!

Wow, this is a Dr Lawrence look-alike, even to the global warming agenda scam. bookburn660.jpg

San Jose State University’s Dr. Alison Bridger holds a lit match beneath a book that claims global warming is “natural” as assistant professor Craig Clements looks on last month. The photograph has since been removed from the university’s website. (SJSU.edu)



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