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Learn To Apply Mascara For That Smoky Look


Brush Your Eyelashes

With Christmas on its way, most women tend to want their looks and appearance to be nothing less than top-notch! This can be easily achieved through sprucing up how your eyes look. It doesn’t matter how much makeup you apply to your cheeks or lips, it’s your eyes that will light up the night. This being said, we will provide tips and tricks, step by step so you can learn how to apply mascara for that stunning, gorgeous and smoky look both men and women will love!

The first thing you should do is before you apply eye shadow to your eyes, brush your eyelashes with a small, fine eyelash brush. Do this by very lightly brushing your eyelashes from the roots to the very tips of your lashes. This will untangle any eyelashes that are tangled up in each other. Now repeat this step for both your upper lashes and lower lashes.

Curl Your Eyelashes

After you have finished getting your eyelashes loose, with your eyelash curler, gently slide the curler over the top left of your upper eyelashes for your left eye and the top right of your upper eyelashes for your right eye. Pretty straight forward which direction you want them to be pointing but be very careful not to touch your eye lids or the skin below your eyes with the curler! Repeat this process for the bottom eyelashes. I know this part is tricky and takes some practice to get the hang of it. We would suggest you do your bottom eyelashes since there are the hardest to curl. You just need to avoid curling your lashes too much, so they don’t poke at your eye. It is very irritating when this happens and will make your eye red in nothing flat!

The reason why you should use a heated eyelash curler is to give your eyelash, more “lift” so to say. These curlers are not like your average hair curler, powered by plugging it into a receptacle in the wall, but they are powered with one AAA battery. Rest assured you won’t burn your eyelashes off using a tool powered by regular house-hold batteries.

Add Layers

This process is where you will add that smoky look to your eyes by applying different layers of mascara. Firstly, apply light layers of mascara onto your eyes, allowing each layer to fully dry before applying the next layer on. Do this as many times as you wish, or just only put on one layer, the choice is yours! Next, use the tip of your mascara wand in order to add length to your eyelashes if so desired. You should avoid using water-proof mascara as it might turn clumpy, making your eyelashes appear clumpy, not crisp. Use a mascara that is deep black, or plain black in color and it would be best to apply this to your eyes in a bright room, in the sunlight or by a lamp fixture at night. This way you can easily see each eyelash your applying this mascara to.

Use Tissue Paper

Here’s a tip for you on how to keep the mascara from clotting, staining or blotching your skin beneath your eye. It’s as simple as using toilet/tissue paper! What you do is cut small pieces of tissue paper in about 2-3 inches square using scissors, then slide these cut pieces between your eyelash and your skin and Voila! Doing so will protect your skin from getting mascara stains which will ultimately ruin your gorgeous look! We don’t want that now do we!

Finally Retouching

After all the work you have put into your eyelashes, you don’t want to let your hard work go to waste! Sometimes you may accidentally rub your eyes, blotching your mascara. To retouch your eye shadow, use a long makeup brush and apply the shadow where it is needed most. Keep this in your purse to retouch your eyes on the run.

We hope this article will help you get that gorgeous look just in time for the Christmas season!

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