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the next crisis? …

You can only doctor the real data for as long as you it takes for real research to happen. The Greek crisis could be just the beginning: Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Says Economy Is Nearing “Full Unemployment” …Real Unemployment Closer … Continue reading

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Rigged results on jobless …

Just as in the USA, jobless data is fudged: The real unemployment problem: fewer people chasing fewer jobs. I suspect the people on many programmes such as Green Corps, Mutual Obligation, CDEP and adult Training courses, are not included in … Continue reading

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Embrace the challenge?…”Tombstone Regulators”

From the Barnaby Joyce office 29 July 2011 Labor’s man in waiting tells workers to embrace the challenge of unemployment  Well, Julia Gillard is certainly not wearing out her stilettos but, by gosh, Simon Crean seems to have more zest … Continue reading

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