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destructive green energy …

[…] Bats eat insects, saving farmers billions of dollars in pest control each year, but they generally do not get much attention. No one was even looking for bats under turbines until 2003, according to wildlife biologist Ed Arnett, currently … Continue reading

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the cover up of science …

The (Nobel Prize) cover-up is always worse than the incompetent and/or fraudulent science. Lendahl’s resignation is an indirect result of The Experiments, a documentary that aired in January on Swedish public television station SVT and that led to KI’s decision … Continue reading

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creative tampering …

How they warmed the world: fiddled the figures like this from Steve Goddard The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time—Part III

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Stalinists…’coming out’

Gary Stix, an editor at Scientific American, recommends a strong world government that can crush local democracy and whip up a permanent fear campaign:   To be effective, a new set of institutions would have to be imbued with heavy-handed, … Continue reading

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global warming?… no way

It is beyond ridiculous all the claims about ‘global warming caused this’. The missing bees were one of these…and there are plenty more, such as ‘ocean acidification’. Most have since been debunked and their proponents damned, with these just being … Continue reading

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