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Surprising?…no, not to anyone who notices what the media does

Daily Beast Acknowledges Palin’s Grassroots Impact “Is Sarah Palin back? That’s the question on the minds of Washington’s political class in the wake of the surprising primary result from Nebraska.” by John Nolte 3 days ago 53 I noticed from … Continue reading

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Bankrupting America…Oz next?

“All aboard Obama’s bullet train to bankruptcy..”… Sarah Palin totally gets it and even the NYTimes notices. President Palin? I like it… Gillard is doing it to us too, with the “black hole tax”, and looks less than competent here: … Continue reading

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Gillard complaining about protesters style….Grow up.

…- On our protests being too “American”.  Wow, we haven’t started yet, remember when President Bush was called the following: Bushitler, Bush Chimpy McHallyburton Hitler, and any number of various combinations of this theme. Now this approach is being tried … Continue reading

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