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internet therapy needed for TDS …

I guess Facebook helped these find friends, just some pathetic stuff I found today.on Fakebook. so many Looney losers, suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome. I have a ‘friend’ who has need of therapy. Or is he just researching very imaginative Flakebook … Continue reading

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a strong offense …

Much as I dislike guns, the best defense has always been a strong offense. Sporting team coaches always repeat it. Mexico has tough gun laws, so does Chicago. That’s where the most murders are. Australia,s laws are strong, yet shootings … Continue reading

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A leadership ‘record’…

ROGER KIMBALL: Shut up, he explained. “Sobering isn’t it? It’s an unmitigated litany of failure, evidence of economic illiteracy, political incompetence, and ideological extremism. What a legacy.” I thought this was about Julia Gillard. It could easily have been. It … Continue reading

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Melodrama…coming soon…again

ROGER KIMBALL: “The irritating thing about the weather reporting is that it is all hysteria, all the time.” h/t Instapundit

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