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the tip of Dampier Peninsula …

A very busy time, so I apologize for the lack of posts here. Some images of Cape Leveque, 200km north of Broome, here below, until I catch up editing and writing some reports. Click to enlarge:

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out the back bush …

Yesterday, after a cold windy morning in Broome, a sunny 25C drive out plant searching in an area associated with a now abandoned proposal for a  Woodside Gas Hub project. A long drive on rough corrugated roads and tracks, the … Continue reading

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Just how good is CO2? …

This good, Papaya sensationally increases production by a massive amount. […] In discussing their findings, Cruz et al. report that compared to ambient levels of CO2, elevated CO2 increased photosynthesis by 24 and 31 percent in the low and high … Continue reading

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Acacia for food …

The Duck’s Head Wattle, has odd shaped leaves which the common name suggests. This is Acacia ampliceps, found on red sandy dunes along the NorthWest coastal highway near Sandfire, and near the Edgar Range. More details can be seen here … Continue reading

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Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer’s protein from the brain …

Alzheimers is often joked about when memory fades, but the reality is, a dreadful debilitating disease that affects not just the afflicted. Well, we have news for you. EMSmith (Chiefio) reporting!: Hey Simon! MJ and Alzheimer’s by E.M.Smith Well. This … Continue reading

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growing islands …

Coral islands do the opposite of conventional wisdom, grow in area with small sea level rises, says the latest research: Does Global Warming Cause Coastal Reef Islands to Disappear? (1 July 2016) People who rely heavily on climate model projections … Continue reading

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global greening observed … CO2 blamed

Elevated CO2: A Key Driver of Global Greening Observations (30 June 2016) We find yet another study indicating rising atmospheric CO2 is benefiting the biosphere, as opposed to harming it… Obvious to most observers with a touch of common sense. … Continue reading

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misinformation at Japan’s Fukushima …

The misinformation about nuclear disasters is another of those activist agendas we commonly see today. This article was from a researcher that wanted to know the truth, personally. Read her story about Fukushima: […] I never saw the actual results … Continue reading

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GBR, healthy and vibrant …

[…] Additional support for the accusation of serious exaggeration about threats to the reef has also come from the reef tourism industry, which is gravely concerned about the negative impact of such publicity on their businesses. As the dive-boat captains … Continue reading

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the environmental benefit of GM crops …

More efficient? Check. Higher yields? Check. Less chemical use? Check. Increased incomes? Check. Everything about 20 years of GM cropping in Australia. […] Peak industry organisation CropLife Australia commissioned a report into the impact of genetically modified (GM) crops in … Continue reading

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