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another Green science fraud bites the dust … covered up research

Scientific fraud against Monsanto’s Roundup has uncovered a Green agenda against successful farming practices, where the use of Roundup has enabled farmers to avoid the most toxic weedkillers once used extensively in cropping: Another Left-Wing Science Scandal Roundup does not … Continue reading

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“three cardinal sins of green energy” …

Following the disaster of the burning Ivanpah solar plant, and bird and bat-killing wind turbines, comes more hypocritical nonsense on frakking from the Green Blob, posted at Powerline: Fracking Nonsense, Debunked Environmentalists who once praised natural gas as a “bridge … Continue reading

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rainbows and unicorns … coal-powered cars

The myth that battery powered cars are environmentally better than gasoline or diesel based, is pervasive with the Green Blob. Tesla’s expensive, rare metal made batteries are built with the aid of large subsidies, and charged by base-load power, particularly … Continue reading

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even the lawyers are dieting …

Over at Instapundit, law professor guest Randy Barnett posts, the low carb diet is on the menu: POLITICALLY INCORRECT DIETING: Scott Johnson on Power Line writes: ”Inspired by Taubes, I’ve been following a low carb diet for 18 months. It has worked … Continue reading

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climate change, “a revenge on the prosperous” …

A slam dunk by Powerline, too, after they discover the Topher video out last week: 50:1, In Other Words, a Slam Dunk One of the greatest weaknesses of the climate campaign from the very beginning is that, even if the … Continue reading

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Climate fraud and corruption … continued

The Mann-ian warmists must be squirming at their laptops. Fraud and corruption are now the new normal in Climate Science, which should be re-labelled Climate Non-science. Powerline present the case well where recent science ‘warmists’ prove that the whole AGW … Continue reading

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left lemmings …

The view from here is the same, what possesses voters to vote like lemmings? As seen from the good folks at Powerline,: Obama’s America: The View from Prague Courtesy of some Facebook friends, a translation of an editorial from the … Continue reading

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Canada’s new flag?…according to the media

December 9, 2011 — John Hinderaker That’s A Funny-Looking Maple Leaf! This is one of the funnier newspaper corrections I’ve seen lately. It comes from the Guardian; this is via Regret the Error. The Guardian story was about multiculturalism in … Continue reading

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now it’s Green Jobs…fail

August 19, 2011 — Steven Hayward Green Jobs Epic Fail The failure of the “green jobs” scam is becoming so obvious that even the New York Times has noticed, with a story today headlined “Number of Green Jobs Fails to … Continue reading

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