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self-interested bludgers … the road to ruin

Facebook fascists have become increasing shrill over the past few months. I sometimes wonder why I still go and read, but then, they would just get away with it until 1939 happens again. Then, in the budget reply, Shorten  “is trying … Continue reading

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“massage parlor matter” …

The ‘Anthony Albanese visiting an illegal brothel’ story is important for a number of reasons, despite the mainstream media’s perceived dis-interest. It had a significant bearing on the results of last week’s Labor Party ‘implosion’. Michael Smith News once again … Continue reading

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a mistake … his word or mine

Gillard has made a big mistake, says Piers. Piers Akerman Blog Piers Akerman Monday, November 26, 2012 (11:48pm) JULIA Gillard has painted the AWU Reform Association slush fund fraud as a credibility contest between her and her former boyfriend’s old … Continue reading

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‘every reputable climate scientist in the world’…classic joke

Oxymoron: ‘reputable climate scientist’ Translation: unethical, lying, data tampering voodooscientist. Post normal science at it’s best. Examples: Hansen, Mann, Schmidt, Cook, Gleick, Gergis, Romm, Karoly, Lowenstein, Kloor, Connolley, Foster, Steig…and many others from CRU, CSIRO, NIWA, NASA, NOAA, IPCC. It’s … Continue reading

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Bias (and fall) of Robert Manne…

The fall of Manne. from 2009 Sept 2011: Robert Manne reveals his inner Leninist: the people are stupid and their choice must be denied. Take the start of his remarkable anti-Murdoch rant a fortnight ago in The Age: NEWS Ltd … Continue reading

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