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Fox buys National Geographic …

Considerable angst out among the ‘usual crowd’ I guess will happen following this announcement! Resuscitation is required for the magazine. Oh, and now the ‘usual crowd’ too? Grant money panic! Murdoch buys the National Geographic Guest essay by Eric Worrall … Continue reading

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science of sex change in turtles …

Must be time for renewal of funding. Yes, I’m reading between the lines of yet another article on Science Network WA where research has to be tied to ‘climate change’. Pathetic, really: Warmer beaches influence sex ratios of loggerhead hatchlings … Continue reading

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Press apologies …to Murdoch

The ‘holier than thou’ Guardian is forced to apologise to the Murdoch press…seems that they manage to get every story wrong: INVESTIGATE THE GUARDIAN Tim Blair – Thursday, December 15, 11 (06:02 am) Brendan O’Neill reviews the Guardian‘s war of … Continue reading

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All the UK media…hacking hacks

LONDON ROCKED: Dozens of journalists involved in hacking… SUN and MIRROR reporters dragged into mess… It’s not just the Murdoch media, but the UK media… And don’t talk business to a cabbie either: LONDON CABS TO TAPE ALL CONVERSATIONS… Outrage…

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