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scary similes …

Silly suckers, scary stories are all that’s left. Michael Kile A summer of sweltering similes Creative interpretation of temperature records hasn’t worked, so warmists now push a formerly denied link between CO2 and “extreme weather events”. And if that doesn’t … Continue reading

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must watch …

Coming to a theater near you: Atlas Shrugged II Sep 7, 2012 2:41 PM by Erika Johnsen 74 Comments » Who is John Galt?

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memory loss of K Rudd … or wilfull rewriting of history

Rudd’s Whitlam: author of the Liberals’ greatest hits

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squirming can of worms …

Gillard responds Julia Gillard – position untenable, credibility zero   Catallaxy Files add: By refusing to address serious allegations about her conduct at Slater & Gordon, Julia Gillard has dragged the Office of the Prime Minister through the gutter and inflicted grave … Continue reading

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10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers and Self-Publish Ebooks Instead by Robert Bidinotto How your unpublished manuscript just might make you rich and famous. Read | 25 Comments

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Disturbing metaphores…

DAN MITCHELL: This Takes “Sucking on the Public Teat” to a Disturbing New Level. Posted at 5:54 pm by Glenn Reynolds

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#Occupy occufail…unmasked, coming soon

Hannity Previews Unseen Clips Of New Documentary ‘Occupy Unmasked’ on Breitbart TV…Breitbart is still here

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Trees in Broome…

A few Broome specimens of Kimberley trees pictured. The last one is the only species of pine tree found in the Kimberley. It grows to 10 or more metres and can be severely affected by wild fires in it’s natural … Continue reading

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devastating FOIA critique…

Climate Realists MUST SEE YOUTUBE: Christopher C. Horner knocks them dead at the Internationale Klima- und Energiekonferenz in München

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