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Green vote crashes in the Kimberley … so does Liberal Party

The WA State election was a disaster in the Kimberley electorate for the Greens and the Liberal Party. Last time in Broome, the Greens received about 38% of the vote, so they lost nearly 30% on their 2013 vote. My … Continue reading

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self-projection and muckraking … with a side effect called willful amnesia

There are plenty of sites on Facebook, masters in self-projection. Here’s one: The LNP Are First Class Dickheads! Never about the issues, but bullying and slandering anyone that disagrees are the clues. Yesterday, I uncovered this one. Today, SBS and … Continue reading

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wanted…other peoples money


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Chaos Theory…Political Science…and the Media

Certainty is now political gold, and the media can’t help Broken promises by political parties, are now condemned by constituents to a much larger extent, due to a much larger ‘social’ media of blogs, facebook, party websites and supporters.   … Continue reading

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