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Labor’s impending demise …

At long last, the Royal Commission into Trade Union Corruption and Governance begins today. Just a pity it wont be televised, as I would pay to watch. The Labor Party is the Party of Trade Unions: http://www.tradeunionroyalcommission.gov.au/Hearings/Pages/default.aspx Hearings, orders and … Continue reading

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Guilty! … another one bites the dust

Bill Shorten, “you’re next!” Kathy Jackson, Union whistle-blower is interviewed by Michael Smith about the court’s findings this morning. Congratulations to both of you, the hospital workers are better served now that Thomson has been found to be the liar, … Continue reading

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whistleblower gives names …

Some nerves will be frayed by listening to these interview tapes. Judges, lawyers, politicians, union leaders and more. Better to front up the truth now, or it’s the cover-up that gets them in the end. Well done to Michael Smith and … Continue reading

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first milestone arrest …

Michael Smith interviews one of the leading HSU whistleblowers about Craig Thomson’s arrest. Kathy Jackson has called the Union indelibly corrupt. Smith also has an interview with another union whistleblower, Bob Kernohan, who is ecstatic about this result. Mr Kernohan has … Continue reading

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having secret aliases … admits guilty conscience

THINKING OUTSIDE THE INBOX House GOP: Obama officials hiding behind secret email aliases Politics | Neil Munro Related EPA CHIEF’S SECRET EMAIL REVEALED: The woman above’s real name is NOT Richard Windsor Read more: http://dailycaller.com/#ixzz2CSIdPcyf

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Muckraking of hypocritical Labor and Unions…time for resignations

Labor needs a new leader to restore order on this rabble Andrew Bolt – Friday, August 26, 11 (10:28 am) Today is a turning point in the Thomson affair. An argument about what one MP allegedly did with his work … Continue reading

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