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Obama surrenders …

After ‘winning’ in Yemen, Obama surrenders, orders marines to surrender weapons. What next, give Israel up? The third embassy lost. Obama is traveling a week behind the news cycle: Israel and Egypt forewarned of synchronized ISIS-Sinai assaults in both countries … Continue reading

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the climate, or your head …

Abbott Derangement Syndrome is the disease that ‘lefties’ have when Prime Minister Tony Abbott upstages the debate on the world stage by being straight talking and upfront: Abbott strikes right balance in counter-terrorism speech Prime Minister Tony Abbott has delivered … Continue reading

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the dangerous follies of foreign correspondents with “a feeling of superiority” … especially those residing in 5 star hotels

A fascinating read from a Middle East journalist, this column describes what’s wrong with journalism over a host of controversial topics including politics and climate change. The behaviour of many journalists, and more especially their masters, is atrocious. Via The … Continue reading

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Staged media…the left at it again

UK ‘Independent’ Uses Staged Anti-Israel Protest Photo more: WaPost Accuses GOP Congressman of Saying Something He Never Said I was actually at this Walsh Townhall. I mention this so that I can tell you my impression of what actually went … Continue reading

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