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deep discovery …

Carnivorous sponges have been discovered in the deep for the first time. […] In the Arctic the carnivorous sponges can live in shallower waters, some 150 to 200 metres down. But in warmer oceans they are best off in deeper … Continue reading

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repeal Section 18C now … or use it!

Anti-semitic racism hits Australia’s Education system, now where are those 18Ccharges they so wanted to keep? This story, at least has now been picked up internationally. Let’s hope those racist anti-Semite students and their professors are condemned by their words. … Continue reading

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medicine’s future … artificial intelligence, robotics and more

Genome and synthetic biology are some of the new advances in medicine currently progressing through research reports Glenn Reynolds   at Instapundit, HEALTH: The Future of Medicine: 6 New Technologies Transforming the Field. Faster, please. […] All of these advances … Continue reading

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a hero in Africa …

You would never ever see a Liberal left politician do this, not Carter, not Clinton, and I can never see Obama doing it. Tony Abbott here in Australia does volunteering in indigenous communities, and here is George W Bush: George … Continue reading

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Tools…or not to be tools

Why Don’t Conservatives Trust Scientists Like They Used To? Are They Just Anti-Evolutionary, Anti-Global Warming Jag-Offs or Could There Be Other Explanations? Nick Gillespie | March 30, 2012 From Instapundit comes a quick summary of the latest sign that conservatives … Continue reading

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#Fakegate faker…warmist ‘scientist’, Peter Gleick

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds: “REVERSE-CLIMATEGATE FAIL: Peter Gleick Admits To Dishonesty In Obtaining Heartland Climate Files. Which only raises the credibility of those who claim that the major document is actually a fake: “Another question, of course, is who wrote the … Continue reading

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More bacon please…

HOW TYPE 2 DIABETES became an accepted lifestyle. Hey you know, the surge in diabetes accompanied the government’s switch to the politically-inspired Food Pyramid. Just sayin’ . . . . UPDATE: Reader John Larson writes:

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Melodrama…coming soon…again

ROGER KIMBALL: “The irritating thing about the weather reporting is that it is all hysteria, all the time.” h/t Instapundit

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