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unleaded or beneath reason, South Australia goes down the rabbit hole …

South Australia’s power insanity intensifies, I think Premier Weatherall has become unhinged, perhaps too much leaden condiments in his intake. From Paul Miskelly and Tom Quirk, their final comment: […] So the battery storage is some $60 to $90 billion … Continue reading

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activism rejects science …

Greenpeace Activism, the last refuge of scoundrels. Here is the latest waffle and a petition, along with the gullible congregation that pray at the Green altar of hypocrisy, commenting on social media.

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wanted to buy … political time machine

Heh, Mark Knight, at the Herald Sun, and Labor’s Union Corruption Commission Time Machine: Mark Knight yesterday in the middle pages of Herald Sun (Melb) posted the funniest cartoon which could not explain the situation better: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/photos-fni0fit3-1227061957869?page=2 Within a week … Continue reading

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switched off …

All those Greenie supporters of renewables, like wind and solar, ought to have their own residences connected up to them only, not the grid. Instead the rest of us have to suffer with higher power costs to pay for the … Continue reading

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Dark word clouds…Herald Sun

UPDATE: Kevin Rudd just resigned…as Foreign Minister only, so far…so he can further destabilize Julia from the backbenches. Pass the popcorn…Rudd resigns UPDATE II: KEVNI KWITS …Turns out he wasn’t such a happy little Vegemite after all … True, many … Continue reading

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A diversity of reading if you are bored…or seeking alternative opinions

Chris Berg, Convergence Review: complete, spectacular failure– The Drum Sinclair Davidson, Why have an ABC at all? – The Drum Chris Berg, How the Red Cross virtually lost the plot – The Sunday Age James Paterson, Should alcohol carry warnings? … Continue reading

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Media getting it…nearly right.

Partly corrected I have now written again to the Herald Sun, to update them on their partly corrected article yesterday, and filled them in on a few missing details. “Dear Editor, Thanks for the partial correction from your previous story … Continue reading

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